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1970 Fall Men Portal


Team Record

A Side Record
Date Opponent Score Notes
5 Sept Aspen 11-8 Ts by Bentson, Rajczak, Keith; C by Stanberry
late Sept Aspen Tournament
27 Sept Grizzlies 17-5 Ts by Miller (3), Doridal, MadDougall; C by Grayson
18 Oct Highlanders 0-8
25 Oct Queen City 14-0 Ts by Miller, Keith and Edris; Stanberry PK and C
1 Nov CC 17-11 Ts by MacDougall, Rice, 3 PKs (one a 66 yarder!)and a C by Grayson
8 Nov Barbos 17-3 Ts by Keith Rice, Edris, MacDougall; C and PK by Grayson
21 Nov CU 16-0 Coors Cup; Ts by Miller, Stanberry, Bentson (2); C by Grayson (2)
21 Nov Highlanders B 8-3 Coors Cup; Ts by Grayson and Tibbetts; C by Grayson
22 Nov Barbos 21-0 Coors Cup Final STATE CHAMPIONS Ts by Dordal, Gardner, Stanberry, Bentson (2); Cs by Grayson (3)
Season Record 8-1
B Side Record
Date Opponent Score Notes
20 Sep Barbos B 8-5 Yaniglos one try, Grayson with PK and conversion
18 Oct Highlanders B 8-6
25 Oct CSU 0-11
1 Nov Grizzlies 8-6 Ralston and Yaniglos Ts; conversion by Lisenby
6 Nov Royal Roads 20-0 4 PKs, one C and a T by Grayson; Sherman T
8 Nov UNC 13-0 Ts by Baumann, Yaniglos; PK and 2 Cs by Duggan
21 Nov DU 9-3 Coors Cup
21 Nov Highlanders 3-8 Coors Cup
Season Record 6-2

Last Name First Name Class
Priddy Warren 74
Arnold Bobby 74
Yaniglos Jim 73
Bentson Kirk 72
Chamberlin Kurt 72
Cottingham William 72
Harlan James 72
Rice Robert 72
Stanberry Carl 72
Thomas David 72
Woessner James 72
Carolan Robert 73
Geers Terry 73
Grayson Thomas 73
Hayes Tim 73
Haslup Stephen 73
Olin Jerome 73
Lisenby Terry 73
Merideth D J 73
Ralston Mark 73
DeTomo Roco 74
Schmitt Pat 73
Sherman Paul 73
Silver James 73
Sortland Gary 73
Segulja Thomas 74
Dordal Paul 71
Edris Sean 71
Fenwick Lindsay 71
Gardner William 71
Keith David 71
MacDougall David 71
Miller Jack 71
Rajczak William 71
Tibbetts Gary 71
Barid Gary 72
Scace Daniel 72
Schunemann Paul 72
Groman Michael 71
Rosenberg Nate 74
Maquet Mike 74
Schultz Robert 71
Snook Keith 73

Post Season Experience/Records

Portal:1970 Fall Men/Post Season



Head Coach - Al Osur

Assistant Coach - Tony Mason, RAF

Assistant Coach - John Pollard

OIC - Col Philip Manners, DDS

CIC - C2C Carl Stanberry

President- Dave McDougall


C1C Dave McDougall

C1C Sean Edris

C1C Mike Groman (Scrum Captain)


1970 fall yearbook.jpg

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Memorable Events

I remember that the posts in that Coors Cup match were rickety pipes just barely held together with some wires, and the crossbar fell down a couple of times. For safety, the west end crossbar was taken down during play, and when the Zoo scored a try the crossbar was brought back on and help up by a couple of Barbos on other Barbos’ shoulder to approximately the correct height for the kick.