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(Per Sean Edris) In the championship match, Jim Russell figured out our lineout calls by the second half. Since hookers used to be in the front of the lineouts, when the throw was supposed to go to me, Russell yelled "hey he's got a hurt shoulder, throw to somebody else."

Team Record

A Side Record
Date Opponent Score Notes
1 Mar Regis 42-6
15 Mar Grizzlies 26-3 Miller had first try, converted by Diesel and tries by Diesel, MacDonald, Riggs and Keith
<date> Barbos 14-0 Leuthauser try, conversion and 3 PKs
Apr BYU 3-12 Spring Break, PK by Leuthauser
Apr BYU Old Boys 13-6 Spring Break, tries by Schmidt, Fenwick and 2 conversions and a PK by Leuthauser
Apr St Mary's 3-3 3 feet of snow; playing for SM was hooker Dan Penny, to become coach of the AFA women's team in the early 80s, PK by Leuthauser whose jeep was used to mark the field; they scored on the last second of the match
10 Apr Eagle Rock 16-6 tries by Graber, Martin and Leuthauser with 2 PKs and 2 conversions
14 Apr Cranwell 31-0 19 points by Leuthauser,
24 Apr Army 15-18 4 PKs by Diesel and a try by Keith
3 May U Alberta 33-3 tries by Tibbetts (2), Leuthauser (2), Keith, and Leuthauser also had 4 PKs and 2 conversions
6 May BYU 19-8 16 points scored by Leuthauser and a try by MacDougall
9 May Louisville CO 20-8 PK by Diesel, tries by Graber, Connelly, and Leuthauser with one conversion and 2 PKs
16 May Grizzlies 34-3 Diesel had 17 points, and tries by Graber (2), Tibbetts, Baumann, Edris, and conversion by Schmidt
17 May Highlanders 19-15 Coors Cub Championship, Leuthauser had a try, conversion and PK, added to tries by Graber, Dordal, and PK by Connelly
Season Record 11-2-1
B Side Record
Date Opponent Score Notes
<date> CC 26-3
15 Mar Barbos A 14-0 Leuthauser scored a try, conversion and 3 PKs
<date> BYU B 13-6
10 Apr Eagle Rock B 8-0 Tries by Gardner and Tibbetts with 2 conversions by Diesel
24 Apr CC 14-12 Leuthauser scored all 14 points
25 Apr Highlanders 28-0 Tries by iggs, Harlan, Sutton, Marty, Edris, Shelton and Leuthauser
Season Record 5-0

Last Name First Name Class
Bewers Geoff 70
Bloor Allan 70
Connelly Stephen 70
Leuthauser Dennis 70
MacDonald Angus 70
Martin Maurice 70
Riggs Roger 70
Schmidt Gary 70
Sutton John 70
Szczepanik Russell 70
Westmoreland Thomas 70
Baumann David 71
Dordal Paul 71
Edris Warren 71
Fenwick Lindsay 71
Gardner William 71
Graber Glenn 71
Groman Michael 71
Keith David 71
Kern Lynn 71
McDougall David 71
Miller Jack 71
Rajczak William 71
Schultz Robert 71
Sorensen Norman 71
Tibbetts Gary 71
Bentson Kirk 72
Buttino Louis 72
Cottingham William 72
Diesel Thomas 72
Rice Robert 72
Schunemann Paul 72
Slominski Jerry 72
Stanberry Carl 72
Harlan James 72
Hayes Timothy 73
Stienke Buck 71
Snook Keith 73

Post Season Experience/Records

As a Player

Selected to Representative Teams as a Grad

Starting Other Teams:

As a Referee

As a Coach



Head Coach - Al Osur

Assistant Coach - Mont Hubbard (USMA '64)

Assistant Coach - Tony Mason, RAF

OIC - Philip Manners, DDS

CIC - C3C Carl Stanberry


C1C Gary Schmidt

C1C Angus MacDonald


1970 spring BYU victory.jpg

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Memorable Events

Winning the Coors Cup for the second spring in a row