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1971 Spring Men Portal

This team was the first team to take an overseas tour, spring break to England. Beat Cranwell on a superb try by Jerry Olin, who was set up by a MacDougall pass. Lost a close game to Sandhurst in a match where we thought Sean Edris broke his neck. Caught a VC-10 back after a rousing party at Cranwell; Col Manners led the charge.

Won the Coors cup in the fall AND the spring, retiring it to a prominent place in Arnold Hall. Dave MacDougall selected as outstanding player of the championship game

Scoring leaders for the year: Olin (54), Grayson (33), Miller (30), Stanberry (26) Yaniglos and Benson (21 each), MacDougall (18) and Keith (15)

Team Record

A Side Record
Date Opponent Score Notes
7 March Grizzlies 27-6 Tries by Miller, Tibbetts, MacDougall (2), Rice, Hayes; conversions by Miller (2) and Lisenby; PK by Keith
13 March UCLA 0-21 at UCLA
24 March Cranwell 10-5 UK Spring Break: Tries by Bentson and Olin; conversions by Olin (2)
26 March Sandhurst 3-9 UK Spring Break; Olin PK
1 April BYU 18-8 Try by Miller; PKs by Lisenby(2) and Olin (3) (poor officiating)
4 April Barbos 9-3 Tries by Macdougall and Hayes (2)
11 April DU 25-3 Tries by Yaniglos (2), Edris, Cottingham, Keith, Stanberry and Lisenby; Conversions by Lisenby and Miller
18 April Highlanders B 19-8 Tries by Woesner, Yaniglos (2), Olin; Conversions by Olin (2)
2 May CC 6-8 Yaniglos 2 Tries
8 May UNC 20-0 Coors Cup; Tries by Miller (2), Olin, Bentson, Stanberry, Dordal; conversion by Olin
9 May Highlanders 12-11 Coors Cup; Tries by Yaniglos, Tibbetts; PK by Olin (2)
15 May CSU 13-5 Coors Cup; Tries by Olin (2) PK by Olin; Conversions by Olin and Stanberry
16 May CC 11-3 Coors Cup Final; Tries by Hayes and Olin; PK by Stanberry; conversion by Stanberry
May ERRFU Sevens tournament Various Champions
Season Record 10-3
B Side Record
Date Opponent Score Notes
7 March CC 12-10 Tries by Sortlan, Gardner, Schmitt; PK by Garyson
14 March New Mexico 13-0 at AFA; Tries by Arnold (2), Scace; Conversions by Baird (2)
3 April New Mexico 19-8 at NM; Tries by Priddy (3), Haslip and Gardner; conversions by Baird and Rajack
4 April New Mexico 6-0 at NM; Ties by Rajack and Scace
11 April Boulder 23-3 Rajczak (14 pts on kicks);Dordal (2T) and a try by Haslip
18 April Barbos B 9-8 Try by Harlem; PKs by Rajczak (2)
25 April Highlanders A 8-10 Try by Priddy; PK and conversion by Rajczak
2 May Highlanders C 11-3 Tries by Sortland, Haslip, DeTomo and Conversion by Baird
8 May Highlanders B 9-11 Coors Cup Tries by Rajczak, Arnold, Haslip
Season Record 7-2
Last Name First Name Class
Priddy Warren 74
Arnold Bobby 74
Yaniglos Jim 73
Bentson Kirk 72
Chamberlin Kurt 72
Cottingham William 72
Harlan James 72
Rice Robert 72
Stanberry Carl 72
Thomas David 72
Woessner James 72
Carolan Robert 73
Geers Terry 73
Grayson Thomas 73
Hayes Tim 73
Haslup Stephen 73
Olin Jerome 73
Lisenby Terry 73
Merideth D J 73
Ralston Mark 73
DeTomo Roco 74
Schmitt Pat 73
Sherman Paul 73
Silver James 73
Sortland Gary 73
Segulja Thomas 74
Dordal Paul 71
Edris Sean 71
Fenwick Lindsay 71
Gardner William 71
Keith David 71
MacDougall David 71
Miller Jack 71
Rajczak William 71
Tibbetts Gary 71
Barid Gary 72
Scace Davniel 72
Schunemann Paul 72
Groman Michael 71
Rosenberg Nate 74
Geary David 74
Maquet Mike 74
Dooley Paul 74
Schultz Robert 71
Snook Keith 73

Post Season Experience/Records

Post Season Selections

Dave McDougall - Western Collegiates

Sean Edris - Western Collegiates

Carl Stanberry (72) - Western Collegiates

William Yanigloss (73) - Western Collegiates

Warren Priddy (74) - Western Collegiates

Post Graduation Involvement

As a Player

Sean Edris - Denver Barbos (President's Cup award, 82; Coaches Award, 83; Club Captain 83, 84)

Selected to Representative Teams

Sean Edris- ERRFU (80)

Starting Other Teams:

Sean Edris - Kadena Lions RFC, 1974

Sean Edris - Japan / American RFU, 1974

Sean Edris - Little Rock AFB RFC, ?Date

Sean Edris - Mather AFB RFC, ?Date

Vern Francis - Wichita RFC, ?Date

As a Coach

Sean Edris - Denver Barbos, Colorado University

Vern Francis - AF Academy, Combined Services U-23 87

As an Administrator

Sean Edris - charter member of the Western Rugby Football Union administration and first president of the Ozark Rugby Union



Head Coach - Al Osur

Assistant Coach - Wing Cmdr Tony Mason, RAF

Assistant Coach - John Pollard

OIC - Col Philip Manners, DDS

NCOIC - Sgt J Rosencrance

CIC - C2C Carl Stanberry

President- Dave McDougall


C1C Dave McDougall

C1C Sean Edris

C1C Mike Groman (Scrum Captain)


1971 Spring Falcon News Rugby Article picture.jpg

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And a special place for Tony Mason memories

Memorable Events

The Diamond Bar, Per Jim Russell: After one Coors Cup Final won by AFA, maybe Fall 1991, all the ruggers retired to a Capitol Hill, Denver dive bar called the Diamond, at 13th and Pearl, a very nasty part of town then; it was sometimes called the Red Diamond, because the neon diamond on the sign was surrounded by red lights. Anyway, it was a bar normally habituated by Native Americans, and they didn’t take too kindly to all these white American ruggers taking over their bar for the afternoon. Beer and drinks were flowing and things got a bit tense, with the Native Americans muttering, “You stole our land.” AFA’s English coach, Tony Mason, stepped right up to them and, in his very proper and very English accent, said, “I know exactly what you mean. They did it to us too.” The Indians paused to figure that one out, Tony bought all beers, and peace was restored. See Here for Tony Mason's recount: Tony Mason memories

UK TRIP: I remember the UK trip and we did win both the after parties. The night before our departure after beating Cranwell we had a great formal dinner We tied our cloth napkins together under the table and then tied the end to the head table and.commenced to pull in unison the head table away from its rather snooty occupants. After dinner we had a great time and showed our host just how carrier landings are done on beer soaked tables. Songs were sung and rugger dances done. I woke up the next morning with a RAF mess dress jacket and a very nice set of RAF wings. I still have those wings today. Memorable trip. (T. Grayson)

Per Tony Mason (later, Air Vice Marshall Mason) "Memories - the elation (and guilty loyalties on beating the team I had coached three years previously) and then disappointment at losing in the last minute to Sandhurst . But, as I dimly recall we won both parties despite being depleted by the mysterious absence from the Cranwell bar of some nameless members who were snared by young ladies from the local Teacher Training College, thoughtfully invited by our Cranwell hosts."

Top Try scorer - Miller (8)

Top Penalty Kicks - Olin (8)

Top Conversions - Grayson (9)

Five players selected to take part in Colorado North South game: MacDougall, Edris, Stanberry and Yaniglos for South; Priddy for North