Women's Team Awards

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National Collegiate Tournaments

2019 Fall D1 Women's National Champions [[1]], beating Navy, Charlotte, NC (Coach Rusert)

2018 Fall D1 Women's National Champions [[2]], beating Davenport University, Charlotte, NC (Coach Rusert)

2017 Round of Eight in Fall D1 Women's National Championships losing to Davenport University, eventual champions, Chicago IL (Coach Rusert)

2016 Fall D1 Women's National Champions 2016, beating U Conn, Furman University (Coach Rusert)

2015 Runners up Fall D1 National Champions (Coach Rusert)

2014 Round of 8 (Coach Rosen)

2007 Round of 8 (Coach Osur)

2006 Round of 8 (Coach Osur)

2005 Round of 8 (Coach Osur)

2004 Round of 8 (Coach Osur)

2003 Women's National Champions 2003, beat Illinois (Coach Osur), at Palo Alto CA (Coach Osur)

2002 Women's National Champions 2002, beat Penn State (Coach Osur) in Blaine MN (Coach Osur)

2001 Round of 8 (Coach Osur)

2000 Round of 8 (Coach Osur)

1999 Round of 8 (Coach Osur)

1998 Fourth in nation, lost to Navy, at Penn State, PA (Coach Osur)

1997 Third in nation, at Penn State, PA (Coach Osur)

1996 Third in nation, in Colorado Springs CO (Coach Osur)

1995 Third in nation, in Princeton, NJ (Coach Osur)

1994 Women's National Champions 1994, beat Boston College (Coach Baltz), Corvallis, OR (Coach Baltz)

1993 Runners Up National Champions, losing to U Connecticut, Houston TX (Coach Baltz)

1992 Third in nation in Colorado Springs (Coach Avery)

1991 Women's National Champions 1991, beat Boston College (Coach Avery) in Alexandria VA (Coach Avery)

National Collegiate Sevens Tournaments

2023 - National Collegiate Sevens Tournament section, Runners up to Northeastern

2019 - 2018/19 USA Rugby College 7s D1A National Champions beating West Virginia in the final, but handily beating every team in the pool and semifinals [[3]] [[4]], (Coach Rusert)

2018 - 2017/18 USA Rugby College 7s National Championship, Women’ Open Division[[5]] , beating Chico St (Coach Rusert)

2016 - invited to Nationals as one of 11, but declined due to scheduling conflict

2015 - finished 9 of 12 in National Tournament

2014 - Final Four D1 7s ACRA National Championship (Coach Rosen)