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2019 Spring Women Portal

Great spring opener for the Zoomies at CSU 7s yesterday, improving each and every game. A few players from the UNC Bears filled in with our AFA 2 side and the team affectionately cheered for each other as Bear Force.

Easily the greatest moment of the day came when one of UNC's players, a special needs student at UNC, was incorporated into our AFA 2 game against CC; referee and CC were apprised that there would be no contact and provided a safe opportunity for her inclusion. Bear Force moved ball to Marissa who immediately sprinted 40 meters up the gut, with CC players in hot pursuit, and dotted the ball down between the posts with both teams and all fans cheering wildly.

Most points scored: Sierra DeHart 152, Adrienne Yoder 146, Sara, Cook 120, Devin Doyle 62, Jessica Beyer 45

Team Record

A Side Record
Date Opponent Score Notes
7 Apr CU 24-10 CSU 7s Pool Play
7 Apr UNM 28-12 CSU 7s Pool Play
7 Apr WYO 29-12 CSU 7s Pool Play
7 Apr MSU 26-7 CSU 7s Championship Match
14 Apr Wayne State won CU 7s
14 Apr St Mary's won CU 7s
27 Apr Montana State won National 7s Qualifier at AFA - Pool
27 Apr U Wyoming won National 7s Qualifier at AFA - Pool
27 Apr CSU won National 7s Qualifier at AFA - Pool
27 Apr CU 29-7 National 7s Qualifier Final
25 May Northeastern 36-0 Nationals at Tucson - Pool play T- Laboe (2), Doyle, Cook, Beyer, Beery; C - Yoder, Hamby (2)
25 May Iowa State 38-0 Nationals - Pool play; T - Oliver, Cook (2), Beyer, Olive, Yoder; C - Hamby (4)
25 May UC Davis 34-0 Nationals - Pool play; T - Cook (5), Yoder; C - Yoder, Hamby
26 May Princeton 32-5 Nationals - Semi Final; T - Yoder (2), Cook, Beyer, Doyle, (team try); C - Yoder
26 May Virginia Tech 21-5 Finals and National D1 Champions; T - Yoder (3); C - Yoder, Hamby (2)

B Side Record
Date Opponent Score Notes
7 Apr CSU 7s 2-2 2-2 record for 3rd place in the 2nd division
14 Apr <opponent> Won CU 7s
14 Apr <opponent> Won CU 7s
14 Apr <opponent> Won CU 7s
14 Apr <opponent> Won CU 7s
27 Apr NM State <score> National 7s Qualifier at AFA, Tier II
27 Apr DU <score> National 7s Qualifier at AFA, Tier II
27 Apr CU B <score> National 7s Qualifier at AFA, Tier II
27 Apr MSU B <score> National 7s Qualifier at AFA, Tier II
Season Record xx-yy

Last Name First Name Class
Andros Ali 2021
Barnette Zoe 2019
Beery Cerea 2022
Bergman Hannah 2020
Beyer Jess 2021
Bratton Shayla 2022
Brummett Lindsay 2022
Carter Maria 2019
Clarke Rileymarie 2019
Clemente Hunter Ariana 2021
Coleman Kaydria 2022
Cook Sara 2019
Deeney Haeley 2020
DeHart Sierra 2021
Dodds Veronica 2019
Doyal Devin 2020
Ehrlich Katy 2021
Eskell Kaylee 2020
Fulbright Erica 2019
Gibson Staci 2022
Gordon Dom 2019
Gray Shahana 2022
Guinee Meghen 2020
Guzman Deanna 2022
Harris Leah
Heppe Regan 2022
Hunt Maddie
Crone Mikki
Ison Ellie 2022
Laboe ELizabeth 2022
Lee Esther 2020
Loucks Grace 2020
Martin Brooke 2022
Martinez Ade 2022
Medalle Jasmine Alessandra 2022
Medeiros Calle 2021
Naused Iys 2022
Nelson Rita 2022
Oliver Elexus 2022
Palomarez Kali 2020
Rogers Britian 2020
Rohrer Lexi 2020
Rutstein Taylor 2022
Spearin Savannah 2022
Spiegel-Saeger Cameo 2022
Stout Abby 2022
Taylor Sabrina 2022
Townsend Rhiannon 2021
Yoder Adrienne 2020
Masinter Sarah

Post Season Experience/Records

Portal:2019 Spring Women/Post Season



Head Coach - Amy Rusert

Assistant Coach and OIC- Skip Shackelford

Forwards Coach - Scott Mears

OIC - Maj Emily Ladd (first part of semester)



C1C Sara Cook

Vice Captains - C2C Devin Doyle and C3C Sierra DeHart


NATIONAL D1 CHAMPIONS: (L to R) Kneeling: ?,?,?,?,?,?,?; Standing:  ?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?

Click here for more -> 2019 Spring women photos

Memorable Events

Sara Cook gets MVP award at D1 Women's Collegiate Sevens Nationals: [[1]]

Selected to the Women's Collegiate All American Camp: Adrienne Yoder, Sarah Cook (unable to attend due to pilot traning)