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2020 Spring Men Portal

Las Vegas
Outbreak of the Coronavirus resulted in a very fractured spring schedule!

Season Individual awards:

Most Improved Player: C3C Riley LaDuque (Lock)

Rookie of the Year: C4C Christian Gabriel (Inside Center)

Forward of the Year: C2C Randy Faulk (Number 8)

Back of the Year: C2C Ryan Johnston (Wing)

7s player of the Year: C2C Ben Bollinger (Inside Center)

Murph Award: C1C Nate Lavery (Lock)

Koehn Award (Outstanding Rugger of the Year) : Noah Nagle (Hooker)

Captains' Cup: Co-Captains - C1C Connell Swenson (Fly-Half), C1C Koby Hinnant (Full Back)

Silver Side Captains' Cup - Alexander Wise (Hooker), C2C Tripp Scott (Prop/Lock)

Cadet In Charge Cup - C1C Noah Nagle (Hooker)

Air Force Academy Rugby Foundation Award (AFARF) - C1C Han Zhang (Flanker)

Team Record

A Side Record
Date Opponent Score Notes
8 Feb DU 7s 40-0 T - LaDuque (2), Bollinger, Hinnant (2), Henderson, Nagle, Mathis; Video here [[1]]
8 Feb DU 7s 35-0 Gabriel (2), Mathis, Bollinger, McDonald, Roshong, Madson
8 Feb DU 7s 25-5 Bollinger (2), Madson, Gabriel (2)
13 Feb Utah 19-7 Las Vegas 7s Pool; T - Hinnant, Bollinger (2); C - Hinnant, Swenson [[2]]
13 Feb St Bonaventure 19-17 St B was defending 2019 CRC Bowl Champions; T - Hinnant (2), MacDonald; C - Hinnant, Swenson [[3]]
13 Feb Utah Valley #2 Forfeit LV 7s Pool
14 Feb UNM 43-0 LV 7s Playoffs; T - Gabriel (4), Roshong, Mathis; C - Swenson (4) [[4]]
14 Feb Utah Valley U 19-14 LV 7s Playoffs; T - Gabriel, Bollinger, Swenson; C - Hinnant (2) [[5]]
15 Feb Kutztown 0-48 Pre-match write up [[6]] Finals [[7]]
29 Feb CU 39-14 15s First 20 Min [[8]], Second [[9]] Third [[10]]fourth [[11]] and fifth [[12]]
7 Mar at CU (1000) <score> round robin sevens tournament
23 Mar Spring Break Trip, Japan (1530) National Defense Academy CANCELLED DUE TO CORONA VIRUS
25 Mar Spring Break Trip, Japan (1800) Waseda University CANCELLED DUE TO CORONA VIRUS
11 Apr at Ogden UT Weber State Wildcat Sevens CANCELLED DUE TO CORONA VIRUS
25 Apr at Dallas Lonestar Sevens CANCELLED DUE TO CORONA VIRUS
2 May All Academy 7s Tournament at West Point CANCELLED DUE TO CORONA VIRUS
16 May D1A National 7s tournament TBD CANCELLED DUE TO CORONA VIRUS
25 May Annual Banquet 1430
29 May D1A National 7s Finals Houston CANCELLED DUE TO CORONA VIRUS
Season Record xx-yy

B Side Record
Date Opponent Score Notes
8 Feb at DU 0 to 15 Video here [[14]]
7 Mar New Mexico Highlands 39-29 video [[15]]
25 Apr Bozeman Bobcat Sevens CANCELLED DUE TO CORONA VIRUS
Season Record xx-yy

Last Name First Name Class
Ashlock Parker 2022
Bollinger Ben 2021
Brush Nathan 2023
Bui Triet 2021
Caceres Spencer 2023
Campbell Jacob 2020
Carey Xander 2022
Abramoff Nathan 2022
Chandler Lando 2023
Chavez Cruz 2021
Clancy Ryan 2021
Clark Bryan 2021
Collins Chris 2021
Cox Ron 2021
DeMaso Matt 2022
Deaver Andrew 2023
Faulk Randy 2021
Felch Dallas 2022
Gabriel CJ 2023
Garcia Nathan 2023
Gray Joshua 2023
Hanlon Matt 2021
Heidelberger Tony 2023
Henderson Harrell 2020
Hennessey Rose Brendan 2021
Hinnant Koby 2020
Hoskins Peter 2023
Ingersoll Christian 2023
Johnson Zion 2023
Johnston Ryan 2021
Kapell Jeremy 2023
Blaschke Dennis 2023
LaDuque Riley 2022
Landy Jamie 2023
Larson Jacob 2021
Lavery Nate 2020
Laubenthal Adam 2023
Luedeke Alex 2022
Luna Noah 2023
Madson Clay 2021
Malone Dalton 2023
Mathis Brayden 2022
McDonald Barrett 2020
Mitchell Jackson 2023
Nagle Noah 2020
Nyfeler Peter 2023
Perrin Joe 2022
Quarterman Isaac 2022
Roshong Kyle 2021
Salas Vic 2023
Scott Luc 2021
Scott Trip 2021
Smith Cooper 2022
Stone Nate 2023
Stuart Tanner 2021
Swenson Connell 2020
Turner Max 2020
Westhauser Bradley 2023
Wojewodka Cullen 2021
Whitney Bennett 2023
Wise Alexander 2021
Young Joshua 2022
Zhang Han 2020
Campbell Aiden 2023
Downs Calvin 2020
Foster Jacob 2022
Freeman Shaun 2023
Habeck Ryan 2023
Smyth Brandon 2021
Luba Phillip 2023

Post Season Experience/Records

Portal:2020 Spring Men/Post Season



Head Coach - Denny Merideth '73 [[16]]

Assistant Coach (scrum) - Jeff Burrows '81 [[17]]

Assistant Coach (scrum) - Mick Harper '92

Assistant Coach (backs) - Schaun Colin [[18]]

Assistant Coach (backs) - Joe Dan Cox '98

Assistant Coach (B side) - Clarke Clayton

Assistant Coach - Lt Col Eric Bucheit '99

OIC - Mr. Glen Dudevoir

AOIC - Maj John Klapp

Trainer - Capt Teressa Petosky

Captains and Cadet Leadership

C1C Koby Hinnant - Co Captain

C1C Connell Swenson - Co Captain

CIC - C1C Noah Nagle

C2C Brendan Hennessy-Rose - NCOIC

C2C Han Zhang - Fitness Officer

C2C Jake Campbell - Public Affairs Officer

C2C Max Turner - Social Coordinator


CU Scrimmage

Click here for more 2020 Spring Men photos

Memorable Events

First time ever that the AFA Rugby team made it to the Las Vegas Invitational D1A collegiate finals. Even in defeat in that match, there was much to say (Coach Merideth) Gentlemen, The team play in Las Vegas certainly laid down some markers for all to follow! Although the final against a very strong Kutztown certainly was not what we wanted for our final match of the tournament the overall week of play was inspirational. Our challenge now is to take the lessons learned to position us to win the All Academy 7s in West Point at the beginning of May! Congratulations are in order for the entire team for making it to the finals of the Las Vegas 7s for what I believe is a first for an Academy team. Also, beating last year's CRC Champs St Bonaventure in pool play was no small feat. The poise and control produced wins throughout the pool and playoff rounds. In the finals we were not able to establish our control and our own errors were difficult to overcome. The intensity and strength of Kutztown punished us for every mistake made and capitalized with their own scores. The coaching staff is very proud of the performance of every individual and the team overall. Some tough matches won and a single tough match lost. It was an amazing weekend to see the progress made and the teamwork shown on and off the field. There is no doubt that April and May will find all of you playing a high degree of 7s on pitches along the front range and the U.S. Congratulations again to the team for a 5 and 1 record at Las Vegas and a first-time climb to the finals! On behalf of a very proud coaching staff! Cheers, Coach