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The fall season was both frustrating and inspirational. In a mixed season the team lost close matches that could have been won, soundly won other matches, and lost against nationally ranked opponents. However, in all matches – those won and those lost – the team played with an amazing degree of heart and in the face of adversity never wavered in their commitment to the spirit of rugby.

In addition to conference opposition the Blues played the USAF 7s team, Navy and Army while the Silvers traveled to Hawaii, competed in the High Desert Classic in Albuquerque playing against New Mexico Tech and New Mexico Highlands, and competed in the Annual Jackalope Tournament playing against Utah and Montana State. The diversity of opposition provided a wide range of competition for our young players on both sides to develop their rugby acumen. An exciting aspect of the season has been the growth of players throughout as they played in some extremely challenging matches and conditions.

In October the Blues were scheduled to play a conference match at Utah State and the Silvers were scheduled to play in the High Desert Classic Tournament in Albuquerque the same weekend. Unfortunately, at the last minute our Sliver’s coach was not able to accompany the team and our other assistant coaches were already committed to work schedules. The brotherhood of rugby and the USAFA Rugby Alumni connections linked the team with willing certified coaches who could fill the void. A big note of appreciation goes out to Mark Neice, Class of 79, who connected the staff with a coach – a marine veteran - who handled the team for the tournament.

The team is fortunate to be carrying over one of the largest rosters into the spring that has been seen in perhaps the last decade.

Team Record

Blue Side Record
Date Opponent Score Notes
17 Aug Air Force Sevens Camp None Scrimmage
30 Aug Silver None Intrasquad scrimmage Grey 1 vs Grey 2 [[1]], Blue vs Silver [[2]]
6 Sep at CSU 12-27 T by Faulk, L Scott, C by Clancy. First Half [[3]], Second [[4]]
14 Sep UNM A 69-33 T by Johnston (2), Hinnant (2), L Scott, Clancy, Bollinger, Luedeke, Faulk; Clancy 9 Cs and 2 PKs; Hinnant awarded Man of the Match by UNM [[5]]
21 Sep at Utah Valley 31-33 First half video [[6]]; Second half [[7]]
5 Oct at Navy 5-81 T - Hinnant write up - [[8]]
12 Oct BYU A 7-81 T - Hinnant, C - Hinnant; video here [[9]]
19 Oct CU 0-20 video here [[10]]
26 Oct at Utah St 44-10 T - J Miller (3), Hinnant (2), Smyth, Henderson; C - Hinnant (2), Clancy; PK - Clancy; Video here [[11]]
1 Nov Army 0-39 moved to cadet lacrosse field; photos [[12]]; game film [[13]], Try zone view: [[14]]
9 Nov Wyoming 48-17 T - Roshong (2), Bollinger (2), Hennessey-Rose, Madison, Mathis, Gabriel; C - Clancy (4); Video here: [[15]] Photos here: [[16]]
Season Record 3-5
Silver Side Record
Date Opponent Score Notes
30 Aug Blue (1100) None Intrasquad scrimmage
7 Sep AFA Grey v Utah State A 0-31 Jackalope tournament [[17]]
7 Sep AFA Silver vs Montana St A 7-14 T-Mott, C-Connell; Jackalope tournament [[18]]
7 Sep AFA Grey vs Regis A 7-48 T-Rushing, C-Perrin; Jackalope tournament [[19]]
7 Sep AFA Silver vs Utah A 7-29 T-Clancy, C-Clancy; Jackalope tournament [[20]]
14 Sep UNM B 48-24
21 Sep DU A 22-33 Match video here [[21]]
21 Sep AFA Grey vs Colorado Springs Grizzlies 0-53 Match Video here [[22]]
28 Sep CSU B 60-7 T - Heidelberger, Mott (4), Stewart, Garcia (2), Mathis (2); C - Landy (5); Match video here-[[23]]
12 Oct BYU B 7-50 Video here [[24]]
19 Oct at Hawaii Harlequins 21-45 Photos: [[25]] and Here [[26]]
19 Oct Grey vs CU B 32-28
26 Oct Silver vs UNM 42-33 High Dessert Classic
26 Oct Silver vs NM Tech 12-31 High Dessert Classic
26 Oct Silver vs Highlands U 0-35 High Dessert Classic
9 Nov Wyoming 39-0 T - Ashlock, Dever, Laubenthal, Malone, Garcia, Heidelberg, Kapopel; C - Perrin (2) Video: [[27]]
Season Record xx-yy
Last Name First Name Class
Alali OmarParker 2023
Ashlock Parker 2022
Bearden Dave 2021
Bollinger Ben 2021
Brown LT 2023
Brush Nathan 2023
Bui Triet 2021
Caceres Spencer 2023
Campbell Jacob 2020
Capogna Kyle 2022
Carey Xander 2022
Chandler Lando 2023
Chavez Cruz 2021
Clancy Ryan 2021
Clark Bryan 2021
Collins Chris 2021
Cox Ron 2021
DeMaso Matt 2022
Deaver Andrew 2023
Ellis Nick 2023
Faulk Randy 2021
Felch Dallas 2022
Gabriel CJ 2023
Garcia Nathan 2023
Grasdal Espen 2023
Grasdal Ollie 2023
Gray Joshua 2023
Hanlon Matt 2021
Heidelberger Tony 2023
Henderson Harrell 2020
Hennessey Rose Brendan 2021
Hinnant Koby 2020
Hoskins Peter 2023
Ingersoll Christian 2023
Johnson Zion 2023
Johnston Ryan 2021
Kapell Jeremy 2023
LaDuque Riley 2022
Landy Jamie 2023
Larson Jacob 2021
Lavery Nate 2020
Laubenthal Adam 2023
Luedeke Alex 2022
Luna Noah 2023
Madson Clay 2021
Malone Dalton 2023
Martinez Ade 2023
Mataitusi Tusi 2020
Mathis Brayden 2022
McCarthy Declan 2023
McDonald Barrett 2020
Miller Jace 2021
Mitchell Jackson 2023
Nagle Noah 2020
Nyfeler Peter 2023
Perrin Joe 2022
Quarterman Isaac 2022
Reohr Tyler 2023
Roshong Kyle 2021
Rushing Holder 2021
Salas Vic 2023
Scott Luc 2021
Scott Trip 2021
Smith Cooper 2022
Smyth Brandon 2021
Stone Nate 2023
Storie Ethan 2023
Stuart Tanner 2021
Swenson Connell 2020
Tsarni Hava 2023
Turner Max 2020
Van Eric 2023
Westhauser Bradley 2023
Wojewodka Cullen 2021
Whitney Bennett 2023
Wise Alexander 2021
Young Joshua 2022
Zhang Han 2020

Post Season Experience/Records

Portal:2019 Fall Men/Post Season



Head Coach - Denny Merideth '73 [[28]]

Assistant Coach (scrum) - Jeff Burrows '81

Assistant Coach (scrum) - Mick Harper '92

Assistant Coach (backs) - Schaun Colin [[29]]

Assistant Coach (backs) - Joe Dan Cox '98

Assistant Coach (B side) - Clarke Clayton

Assistant Coach - Lt Col Eric Bucheit '99

OIC - Mr. Glen Dudevoir

AOIC - Maj John Klapp

Captains and Cadet Leadership

C1C Koby Hinnant - Co Captain

C1C Connell Swenson - Co Captain

CIC - C1C Noah Nagle

C2C Brendan Hennessy-Rose - NCOIC

C2C Han Zhang - Fitness Officer

C2C Jake Campbell - Public Affairs Officer

C2C Max Turner - Social Coordinator


With the AF Men's team!

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Memorable Events

Noah Nagle named to Rocky Mountain All Conference first XV

Randy Faulk and Ryan Clancy Named to second XV All Conference

Honorable mention all conference were Ben Bollinger, Ryan Johnston, Nate Laverty, Luc Scott, Brandon Smyth, and Han Zhang