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2018 Fall Women Portal

Pre Season Predictions: 1 Lindenwood [There is no doubt the Lions were the best last year, and won't be much different this year], 2 Life [Clearly 2nd, but clearly stronger than next group] 3 Quinnipiac [NIRA champions, but this year you wonder about how they replace Poole and Maher] 4 Central Washington [Split games with Quinnipiac in 2017-18, and it's a young team getting older and better] 5 Dartmouth [Split games with Quinnipiac, losing the NIRA final] 6 Penn State [National D1 Elite semifinalist] 7 Harvard [Tied Army, beat everyone else except for Dartmouth] 8 Army [Competitive with higher-ranked teams] 9 BYU [National D1 Elite semifinalist] 10 Davenport [Won Fall D1] 11 Air Force Academy [Lost to Davenport 15-5 in Fall D1 semis] 12 AIC [Competitive in NIRA] 13 Notre Dame College [3-6 in fall but tough schedule] 14 Chico State [Top team not in the spring semis] 15 University of Notre Dame [Fall D1 finalist]

Final Fall Lineup we were #7 !

Fun was had all season [[1]]

Team Record

A Side Record
Date Opponent Score Notes
16 Sep Wyoming 64-5 T by Beyer (4), Doyle (2), Cook (2), Deeney, PK DeHart, C by DeHart (8)
22 Sep BYU 5-72 Team Try
30 Sep Colorado State 92-12 Ts by Doyle (2), Laboe (3), DeHart (3), Beyer (2), Cook (2), Townsend (2); C by Laboe and DeHart (10)
5 Oct Navy 52-19 T by DeHart (4), Cook (2), Townwsend (2), C (6) by DeHart
14 Oct CU 55-17 rescheduled and played in the fieldhouse; T by Yoder (3), Gordon, Medeiros, Cook, Dodds, Eskili, Doyle; C by DeHart (5)
21 Oct New Mexico 83-0 T by Yoder (6), DeHart (2), Cook (2), Bergman, Doyle and Medeiros; C by DeHart (7) and Spearin (2)
27 Oct Montana State 55-22 T by Yoder (2), Cook (2), Doyle, Bergman, Ekili, DeHart; C by DeHart (5)
28 Oct Conference Playoffs: Utah State 53-24 T by Yoder (5), Deeney, Cook, Doyle; C by DeHart (5) and PK by DeHart
2 Nov at Army Cancelled Airlift lost at the last minute
17 Nov Sam Houston State 76-5 National D1 quarterfinals, Columbia MO; T by Cook (4), Doyle (2), Yoder (2), DeHart, Dodds, Medeiros, Laboe; C by DeHart (7) and Doyle
18 Nov Minnesota 37-20 National D1 semifinals, Columbia MO; T by Yoder (3), Deeney, Dodds, Fulbright; C by DeHart (2); PK by DeHart
2 Dec Davenport 40-27 National D1 Finals, Charlotte, NC; T by Yoder (3), Cook (2), Eskeli; PK by HeHart (2); C by DeHart (2) [[2]]
Killer B Side Record
Date Opponent Score Notes
16 Sep Wyoming B 41-7
22 Sep BYU B 7-14
14 Oct CU B 24-22 rescheduled and played in the fieldhouse
30 Sep Colorado Mesa University no score kept joined forces with CSU for developmental scrimmage
26 Oct School of Mines 60+ - 15 AFA Teamed up with CU players
Last Name First Name Class
Andros Ali 2021
Barnette Zoe 2019
Beery Cerea 2022
Bergman Hannah 2020
Beyer Jess 2021
Bratton Shayla 2022
Brummett Lindsay 2022
Carter Maria 2019
Clarke Rileymarie 2019
Clemente Hunter Ariana 2021
Coleman Kaydria 2022
Cook Sara 2019
Deeney Haeley 2020
DeHart Sierra 2021
Dodds Veronica 2019
Doyal Devin 2020
Ehrlich Katy 2021
Eskell Kaylee 2020
Fulbright Erica 2019
Gibson Staci 2022
Gordon Dom 2019
Gray Shahana 2022
Guinee Meghen 2020
Guzman Deanna 2022
Harris Leah
Heppe Regan 2022
Hunt Maddie
Ison Ellie 2022
Laboe ELizabeth 2022
Lee Esther 2020
Loucks Grace 2020
Martin Brooke 2022
Martinez Ade 2022
Medalle Jasmine Alessandra 2022
Medeiros Calle 2021
Naused Iys 2022
Nelson Rita 2022
Oliver Lex 2022
Palomarez Kali 2020
Rogers Britian 2020
Rohrer Lexi 2020
Rutstein Taylor 2022
Spearin Savannah 2022
Spiegel-Saeger Cameo 2022
Stout Abby 2022
Taylor Sabrina 2022
Townsend Rhiannon 2021
Yoder Adrienne 2020

Post Season Experience/Records

Portal:2018 Fall Women/Post Season



Head Coach - Amy Rusert

Assistant Coach - Skip Shackelford

Forwards Coach - Scott Mears

OIC - Maj Emily Ladd



C1C Sara Cook

Vice Captains - C2C Devin Doyle and C3C Sierra DeHart


Fall National Champions: players names not available
Fall National Champions: players names not available
Fall Regional Winners: players names not available

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Memorable Events

Fall D1 All Championship Series First team

Callen Medeiros, Prop

Veronica Dodds, Prop

Adrienne Yoder, Flanker

Sierra DeHart, #8

Sara Cook, Center

All Conference Selections:


Jess Beyer, Flanker

Sierra DeHart, No. 8

Sara Cook, Center

Adrienne Yoder, Flanker


Veronica Dodds, Prop

Devin Doyle, Scrumhalf

Callan Medeiros, Prop