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2016 Spring Women Portal

We earned an At Large seed into the D1 Women's 7s National Championship over Memorial Day weekend, but had to decline due to Ring Dance and other conflicts. It was a pretty light spring, but making it to the National Final Four in December 15s and receiving the at large seed this spring made it a pretty big year for our small squad of 15-16 cadets

Team Record

A Side Record
Date Opponent Score Notes
26 Mar U Northern Colorado Sevens <score>
2 Apr Idaho State Sevens <score>
9 Apr CSU Sevens <score> 2-2 in pool play
7-8 May National Sevens Qualifier <score>
Season Record xx-yy

Last Name First Name Class
Nemeth Marika 2016
Albanese Kimberly 2016
Baumgarten Allie 2016
Diaz Yaira 2016
Diggs Jade 2016
Faimon Caitlin 2016
Knox Emmona 2016
Nainggolan Judith 2016
Bramblett Lauren 2017
McFarland Rhea 2017
Phillips Tess 2017
Wynder Tatiana 2017
Duryea Simone 2018
Losota Funmakin 2018
Raia Kasey 2018
Vezeau Savannah 2018
Barnette Zoe 2019
Berger Melissa 2019
Carter Maria 2019
Litteral Amber 2019
Martinez Brianna 2019
Roche Meghan 2019
Truax Lauren 2019
Fordyce Joycelyn 2017
Paulson Ashlyn 2018
Fortney Lauren 2018
O'Brian Kelsey 2018
Khoudary Gianna 2016
Cain Alexandra 2017
Akinlosotu Olufunmilayo 2018
Midas Madeline 2016
Stutesman Kathryn 2017
Gordon Domonique 2017
Kwon Susan 2017
Grattan Marisa 2017

Post Season Experience/Records

Portal:2016 Spring Women/Post Season



Head Coach - Amy Rusert

Assistant Coach - Scott Mears

Assistant Coach - Jim Donovan

Assistant Coach - Skip Shackelford

Assistant Coach Emeritus - Alan Osur [[1]]

OICs - Major Jeff Ulmer

CIC - C1C Marika Nemeth


C1C Gianna Khoudary

C1C Madeline Midas



More Pictures 2016 Spring Women

Memorable Events

Portal:2016 Spring Women/Memorable Events