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2016 Fall Women Portal

Won the Rocky Mountain Conference with 5-1 record (CU second with 2-2), won Regionals held in Cincinatti and beat U Conn for Fall National D1 and earned a #12 national ranking among all universities, Worth noting, 6 of the 11 teams ranked ahead of AFA are NCAA programs and all the rest, sans BYU, are varsity-like club programs with NCAA-like institutional support.

No. 7 Rhea McFarland was named Most Valuable Player of the Final,

Read more at https://www.usarugby.org/2016/12/air-force-redeemed-with-di-fall-championship-win-over-connecticut/?hXYyEIFZmtKxSjTp.99Championship



or watch the entire championship match here: http://www.therugbychannel.tv/videos/297182/women-s-di-final-air-force-v-uconn#!

And Coach Rusert selected as Collegiate Coach of the Fall 2016: http://www.therugbybreakdown.com/single-post/2016/12/25/College-Coach-of-Fall-2016

Team Record

A Side Record
Date Opponent Score Notes
11 Sep CU 66 - 10
25 Sep CSU 59-7
30 Sep Navy 28-10
8 Oct at BYU 12-43 USAR has it 12-38
14 Oct at CC 75-5 B side in the second half after 58-0 first half; USAR has t 75-0
16 Oct at U New Mexico 74-0 23 member travel team with only 1 senior/5 Juniors
23 Oct at CU 51-13
30 Oct At CSU 54-7 USAR has it 57-7
4 Nov at Army 7-50 Rugby enjoys Varsity status at Army...
19 Nov Texas A&M 66-14 Regional D1 Semi-Finals, Cincinnati
20 Nov Minnesota 44-15 Regional D1 Finals, Cincinnati
3-4 Dec U Conn 19- 8 National D1 Fall Final Four, Salato -T, Hamby - 2C, Duryea T, Carter - T
Season Record 10-2
B Side Record
Date Opponent Score Notes
11 Sept Colorado Mines 20-5
25 Sept CSU B 58-0
<date> <opponent> <score>
Season Record xx-yy
Last Name First Name Class
Barrick Megan 2018
Bergman Hannah 2020
Brabrant Molly
Cook Sarah
Deeney Haelley 2020
Doyle Devin 2020
Eskeli Kaylee 2020
Fulbright Erica 2019
Gilbert Kylee
McFarland Rhea 2017
Guinee Meghan 2020
Wynder Tatiana 2017
Duryea Simone 2018
Heiser Noel
McKenney Kristen
Perkins Abigail 2020
Barnette Zoe 2019
Hamby Jacqueline
Carter Maria 2019
Nimmo Ashley 2020
Rogers Britian
Sackey Chyd
Salato Ashlee 2020
Fordyce Joycelyn 2017
Rohrer Lexi
Fortney Lauren 2018
O'Brian Kelsey 2018
Stinson Sarah
Cain Alexandra 2017
Akinlosotu Olufunmilayo 2018
Tapscott Jay 2020
Stutesman Kathryn 2017
Gordon Domonique 2017
Waters Mariah 2020
Weimer Natasha
Westland Val

Post Season Experience/Records

Portal:2016 Fall Women/Post Season



Head Coach - Amy Rusert

Assistant Coach - Skip Shackelford

Forwards Coach - Scott Mears

OIC - Major Kim Garbett

OIC - Major Jadonna Brewton

OIC - Major ​Jessica Lopez

OIC - Captain Jessica Hellman

CIC - C1C Tatianna Wynder

CIC - C2C Simone Duryea


C2C Lauren Fourtney

C2C Kelsie O'Brian


FALL D1A National Champions First Row: Kelsie O'Brien, Lauren Fortney, Rhea McFarland, Second Row: Joy Fordyce, Kaylee Eskeli, Sarah Stinson, Orchydia Sackey, Abigail Perkins, Tatiana Wynder, Noelle Heiser, Maria Carter, Britian Rogers, Mary Rohrer, Domonique Gordon Second and half row (on the right): Haeley Deeney, Erika Fulbright, Back Row: Amy Rusert, Jaqueline Hamby, Ashlee Salato, Devin Doyle, Simone Duryea, OluFunmilayo Akinlosotu, Sara Cook, Zoe Barnette, Meghan Guinee, Molly Brabant, Kristen McKenney, Scott Mears, Skip Shackelford

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Memorable Events

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