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2014 Fall Women Portal

The Women's rugby team traveled to South Carolina to attend the National Championships. They put up a great fight against UCONN but lost 12-19. They did a great job this season!

Team Record

A Side Record
Date Opponent Score Notes
<date> CSU 72-17
<date> Black Ice 12-36
<date> Navy 47-22
<date> Colorado College 24-12
<date> CSU 53-19
<date> BYU 5-34
<date> UNM 20-55
<date> Army 7-29
10 Nov CU 115-10 Nemeth - 5 Ts, Pasion - 4 Ts, Hill 3Ts, some who scored their first Trys.
<date> U Northern Iowa
Season Record 5-4

Last Name First Name Class
Hill Lydia 2015
Berg Alivia 2015
Marohl Hallie 2015
Knox Emonna 2016
Albanese Kimberly 2016
Midas Madeline 2016
Baumgarten Allie 2016
Faimon Caitlin 2016
Khoudary Gianna 2016
Diggs Jade 2016
Nainggolan Judith 2016
Nemeth Marika 2016
Diaz Yaira 2016
Kennedy Teresa (USNA) 2016
Pasion Christil 2017
Bramblett Lauren 2017
McFarland Rhea 2017
Wynder Tatiana 2017
Phillips Jessica 2017
Grattan Marisa 2017
Heiser Noelle 2017
Edgington Annika 2018
Paulson Ashlyn 2018
Bruggemann Jennie 2018
Gonzales Kristyn 2018
Fortney Lauren 2018
Gonzalez Lydia 2018
Underland Reagan 2018
Duryea Simone 2018
O'Brien Kelsie 2018

Post Season Experience/Records

Portal:2014 Fall Women/Post Season



Head Coach - Vic Tise (USMA '77)

Assistant Coach - Lisa Rosen

Assistant Coach - Gary Hartzel

OIC - Capt Katherine Schifanni (2008)

NCOIC - TSgt Nicole Haun, MSgt Kelly Kinder

CIC - C1C Gianna Khoudary


C1C Hallie Marohl

C1C Lydia Hill



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Memorable Events

The WZRFC beat CU 115 to 10. We had 8 girls that could not even travel to Boulder because of Academic Probations and/or injuries. "On the flip-side," the girls that have been playing have learned and gained VALUABLE experience and it came together for them against CU Boy did we need that kind of a win getting ready to go into the ACRA Sweet 16 playoffs.

So now ACRA next weekend - we will play University of Northern Iowa - they beat us last year and went on to the final 4. Then we will play either University of Indiana or University of Iowa. If we win 2 matches next weekend - AFA will be in the Final 4 for the first time since 2003. Final 4 will be in 2 weeks somewhere in Florida.

One last thing - TSgt Haun arranged for the WZRFC to be on a float during this past Saturday's Veteran's Day Parade in Colorado Springs - that was HUGE for our Women's Rugby team to be put in that public limelight like that.