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2015 Spring Women Portal

Team Record

Seven A Side Record
Date Opponent Score Notes
<date> CC 24-5 CSU Tournament Pool
<date> UNC 61-5 CSU Tournament Pool
<date> Idaho State 19-0 CSU Tournament Semi
<date> Utah SU 36-0 Final
<date> A side vs Red Rocks Won UNC Tournament
<date> A side vs UNC Won UNC Tournament
<date> A side vs CC Won UNC Tournament Semi Final
<date> A side vs CSU Won 48-0 UNC Tournament FINAL
<date> B side vs CU B Won UNC Tournament
<date> B side vs Western State Won UNC Tournament
<date> B side vs CSU Lost UNC Tournament Semi Final
<date> B side vs CC Lost UNC Tournament Consolation 4th place finish
<date> several 2nd place Rockie Mountain Regional Qualifier
23 May Stanford 7-29 USA Rugby National Championships
23 May Virginia 0-27 USA Rugby National Championships
23 May Texas Tech 25-5 USA Rugby National Championships
24 May North Carolina 22-0 USA Rugby National Championships
24 May UC Davis 12-10 USA Rugby National Championships 9th Place
Season Record xx-yy
Last Name First Name Class
Hill Lydia 2015
Berg Alivia 2015
Marohl Hallie 2015
Knox Emonna 2016
Albanese Kimberly 2016
Midas Madeline 2016
Baumgarten Allie 2016
Faimon Caitlin 2016
Khoudary Gianna 2016
Diggs Jade 2016
Nemeth Marika 2016
Diaz Yaira 2016
Bramblett Lauren 2017
Phillips Jessica 2017
Fortney Lauren 2018
Llewylen Lauren 2018
Vezeau Savannah 2018
Raia Kasey 2018
Matson Liza 2018
Akinlosotu Olufunmailayo 2018
O'Brien Kelsie 2018
Wynder Tatiana 2017
Duryea Simone 2018
Paulson Ashlyn 2018
Roblenz Andrea

Post Season Experience/Records

Portal:2015 Spring Women/Post Season



Head Coach - Lisa Rosen

Assistant Coach - Gary Hartzell

OICs - Msgt Kelly Kinder and Tsgt Micole Haun

CIC - C2C Gianna Khoudary


C1C Lydia Hill

C1C Hallie Marohl


L to R: Allie Baumgarten, Madeline Midas, Kim Albanese, Hallie Marohl, Lydia Hill, Jade Diggs,Yaira Diaz, Marika Nemeth, Gianna Khoudary

More Pictures 2015 Spring Women

Memorable Events

Portal:2015 Spring Women/Memorable Events