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1986 Spring Men Portal

Team patch
A Side Jersey
B Side Jersey

A team perhaps less talented than in previous years, but one that thought and moved as one.... a true team! Sent 5 men to the U-23 Combined Services team

Regional All Tournament team: Ken Norris, Keith McCoy, Rick Metzger, Rick Coveno (also selected as MV Forward of the tournament)

Advancing to the Nationals we place third, Lost to Dartmouth; beat Bowling Green. The national collegiate tournament was held in Pebble Beach CA.

Won Continental classic

Team Record

A Side Record
Date Opponent Score Notes
1 Mar CSU 44-6
8 Mar Denver Barbos 12-18 Their first team minus 4; seeded to win Westerns
16 Mar DARTS 18-3 Old Queen City Men's team
<date> Colorado Springs 3-6
5 Apr BYU <score>
12 Apr Denver Harlequins <score>
19 Apr South Dakota 45-0 Western Collegiates (Las Cruces, NM) Norris had 2 PKs and 4 Conversions;McDevitt 2 Ts and one PK
19 Apr Oklahoma 10-6 Western Collegiates in New Mexico
20 Apr Kansas State 24-9 Western Collegiate Championship Match; pK by Norris, Tries by Stark, Millan, Coveno and DK by Ellis
26 Apr Colorado Springs 12-9
3 May Dartmouth 3-18
4 May Bowling Green 13-9 National Collegiate Consolidation - 3rd in nation
Season Record 8-2
B Side Record
Date Opponent Score Notes
1 Mar Colorado State B <score>
8 Mar Denver Barbos B <score>
16 Mar DARTS B <score>
5 Apr BYU B <score>
12 Apr Denver Harlequins B <score>
26 Apr Colorado Springs B <score>
3 May Iron Horse A <score>
Season Record xx-yy
C Side Record
Date Opponent Score Notes
1 Mar Wyoming <score>
8 Mar Denver Barbos Old Boys <score>
12 Apr Pueblo A <score>
26 Apr Metro State A <score>
3 May Iron Horse B <score>
Season Record xx-yy
Last Name *onseason First Name Class
Coveno* Rick 87
McCoy* Keith 86
Herron* Jim 86
Schieve* Mark 86
Metzger* Rick 86
McDevitt* 86 86
Sharpy Tom 87
Miller* Dan 86
Woodbury* Doug 87
Malfer* Dennis 86
Beals Matt 88
Ellis* Bruce 86
Savoie* Scott 87
Littrell* Larry 86
Norris* Ken 86
Forsythe* Roger 87
Plous Preston 87
Nusser Chris 87
Thompson Ivan 86
Bianchi Paul 86
Beaufils Igor 86
Updegraff* Dave 86
Oms* Pedro 86
Leake* Bill 86
Carr* Michael 87
Kubes* Tim 87
Rossano Alexander 88
Lukehart Gordon 88
Strebel Daniel 88
Ciernia* Scott 86
Martin Scott 86
Clapp Steve 87
Lanagan Gerald 87
Lawrence Tim 88
Hajosy Steven 88
Packard Tony 88
Berkompas Kevin 88
Christie Richard 87
Andersoin David 87
Whitted Gary 88
Burkhard Michael 86
Zucco Anthony 86
Stark Scott <class>

Post Season Experience/Records

Portal:1986 Spring Men/Post Season



Head Coach - Vern Francis [[1]]

Assistant Coach - Barney Ballinger

Assistant Coach - Bill Mulvenney, RAF

Assistant Coach - Larry Coode

OIC - Barney Ballinger

OIC - Larry Coode

CIC - Dan Miller

Secretary - Jim Herron


C1C Keith McCoy

C1C Bruce Ellis


Back Row, L-R: Coach Barney, Igor Beaufils, Rick Metzger, Rick Coveno, Roger Forsythe, Mark Schieve, Paul Bianchi, Steve Hajosy (in visor), Ivan Thompson, Dan “Link” Miller, Denny McDevitt, Trainer (Jeff?), Keith McCoy, Chris Nusser. Middle, L-R: Ken Norris, Steve Clapp, Mark Bissell, Front Row, L-R: Coach Vern, Scott Stark, Matt Bealls, Dennis Malfer, Rick Coveno, Scotty Savoie (holding the Iguana, team mascot), Bruce Ellis, Larry Littrell, Bill Leake, Jim Herron. Not pictured Mike Carr (Separated shoulder)

Per Coveno: "I was there in the glory of my youth. We were awesome playing like 7 games. That was one of the most memorable tournaments of my career"

Leake is the owner of the Iguana, the team mascot!

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Memorable Events

At the Western Championships, Ken Norris was selected as the All tournament back and Keith McCoy, Rick Metzger and Rick Coveno were selected as all tournament forwards. Rick Coveno was picked as the most valuable forward of the tournament.