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We had A LOT of players in 02 after getting intramural rugby back in the lineup. As and Bs practiced every day on the field with C and D sides coaching on the hill on their off days. Rugby membership skyrocketed. We had a lot of momentum going into the 2003 National Championship year. Attached is the picture from our year book of the entire team.

Team Record

A Side Record
Date Opponent Score Notes
<date> <opponent> <score>
<date> <opponent> <score>
<date> <opponent> <score>
<date> Oklahoma won Western Championship game
<date> <opponent> <score>
<date> <opponent> <score>
<date> Ohio State 20-22 PK with no time left at Cal, National Championship round of 8 (OSU went on to lose in the final for 2nd place)
<date> Middle Tenn St 37-18 Consolation bracket
<date> <opponent> <score>
Season Record xx-yy

B Side Record
Date Opponent Score Notes
<date> <opponent> <score>
<date> <opponent> <score>
<date> <opponent> <score>
<date> <opponent> <score>
<date> <opponent> <score>
<date> <opponent> <score>
<date> <opponent> <score>
<date> <opponent> <score>
<date> <opponent> <score>
Season Record xx-yy
Last Name First Name Class
Edstrom Stephen 2003
Matchett John 2004
Hansen Sean 2003
Igoe Michael 2002
Balzer Ed 2001
Harrold Nathan 2002
Gardenier Hugh (Buck) 2002
Dahlgren Wade 2003
Johnson Aaron 2003
Hobson Mike 2005
Dean Josh 2004
Waddell John (JD) 2003
Selfridge Ty 2002
Figueroa Javier 2002
Geldert Gabe 2002
Weedman Aaron 2002
Green Todd 2003
Wilmes Ryan 2003
Ewers Tony 2002
Sheridan Phillip 2003
Fryar T J 2002
Clugston Matt 2002
Baker Zach 2003
Thornton Ryan 2003
McKinney Michael 2003
Haase Curt 2002
Leck Jacob 2002
Eccles John 2002
Banga Brad 2003
Foster Nolan 2003
Correa Nicomedez 2003
Pina David 2003
Kiska Robin 2003
Pegg John (JD) 2003
Murphy Mark 2002
Terpstra Bryce 2002
Granados Alex 2004
Waddell Joseph 2004
Wall Jason 2004
Grady Timothy 2003
Kallman Lance 2004
Kolzow Jimmy 2004
King Matt 2002

Post Season Experience/Records

Portal:2002 Spring Men/Post Season



Head Coach - Rob Holder

Assistant Coach - Toby Edison

Assistant Coach - Joe Marx

Assistant Coach - Rich Pohlidal

Assistant Coach - Bob Mckinney '70

Assistant Coach - Chris Birkett

Assistant Coach - Troy Harting '93

Assistant Coach - Mike Cartney '81

OIC - Toby Edison

OIC - Billy Burrows '81



C1C TJ Fryar

C1C Matt Clugston


Back Row, L to R: Toby Edison (OIC), Coach Birkett, John Matchett, Sean Hansen, Michael Igoe, Edward (Bo) Balzer, Nathan (Nate) Harrold, Hugh (Buck) Gardenier, Wade Dahlgren, Aaron Johnson, Robert (Beck) Beckenhauer, Mike Hobson, Joshua (Josh) Dean, John (JD) Waddell, Ty Selfridge, Javier (Fig) Figueroa, Eric Cappell, Gabriel (Gabe) Geldert, Aaron Weedman, Coach Holder, Coach Pohlidal Front Row (L to R): Dan (Stiney) Steinheiser, Todd Green, Ryan Wilmes, Anthony (Tony) Ewers, Phillip (Lil' Phil) Sheridan, T.J. Fryar, Matthew (Clug) Clugston, Zachary (Zach) Baker, Ryan Thorivton, Michael (Mike) McKinney, Kurt Haase, Jacob Leck Missing: John Eccles, Brad Banga

Click here for more photos for 2002 Spring Men

Memorable Events

We stopped in Amarillo on the way back from beating Oklahoma and Sean Hansen polished off the 72 oz steak meal that you have to eat in an hour with less than 2 min remaining!

This year the Collegiate All Stars had a competition and the Academies had a team:

2002 Men Collegiate All Stars.jpg