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1998 Spring Women Portal

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Fourth in the Nation, losing to Navy

Team Record

A Side Record
Date Opponent Score Notes
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Season Record xx-yy
Last Name First Name Class
Lynch Susan 1998
Baker Shalanda 1998
Petrina Amy 1998
Smith Sydney 2000
Oldham Stephanie 2000
Lynch Sarah 1999
Brings Bonnie 1999
Retkofsky Onnie 1999
Jaquez Jamie 1999
Newcomb Abby 1998
Victoreen Sara 1998
Scott Mandy 1998
Emory Sarah 1998
McBrayer Candance 1998
Jordan Tia 1998
Demma Megan 1999
Pope Edie 2000
Renner Laura 2001
Newton Susan 2001
Garner Andrea 2001
Kelly Paula 2000
Daniels Stephanie 2001

Post Season Experience/Records

Portal:1998 Spring Women/Post Season



Head Coach - Al Osur [[1]]

Assistant Coach - Vic Tise (USMA 77)

Assistant Coach - Gary Mittelstadt

Assistant Coach - Mitch Reed

OIC - Shery Gallentee


C1C Shalanda Baker

C1C Amy Petrina Kremser


Sarah Emory being lifted, #2 Amy (Petrina) Kremse and Paula Kelly with the white headband vs Navy. Ashley (McCrea) Sullivan is the Navy 3

This particular year Alan Osur took a sabbatical and I served as the Head Coach and Gary Middlestad was my assistant. The match was tied at the final whistle, but the 2 Captains came to me and the Navy Coach and said, “we don’t want to leave it tied.” The ref was the President of MARFU and agreed to a sudden death playoff. Navy scored on a well executed switch from the open side to the blind side with one of their Centers.

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Memorable Events

Shalanda Baker got special permission to skip her graduation ceremony to play with the Eagles in the World Cup.

VIC TISE comments: Before the Final 4 trip, Paula Kelly (as a 3 degree) came to my office and said she heard that I was a Rugby Coach and if I would like to go to the Final 4 as the Team OIC. Evidently, the OIC the team had was a female Air Force Major and her husband had had a heart attack and she could not make the trip. Of course, I wanted to be the OIC and go to the Final 4. Shalanda Baker went to Russia to play for the Eagles that Spring and did not go to the Final 4 with us. Had she gone to the Final 4 with us, the results would have been way different.

Another antidote - BG Lorenz (GeeLow) the Commandant came to me as the new OIC and said, “LTC Tise, there are girls on this team on academic probation, honor probation and disciplinary probation - fix this.” He directed the disciplinary probation Cadet would be on room confinement throughout the trip to Penn State - she could only go to the practices, matches and team dinners. Then he said all Cadets and OIC will travel in uniforms.

And from Sara Victoreen: Harry, looking back on Vic's story - it was me on disciplinary probation my senior year - I had already served my time and was waiting for the paperwork to catch up so I could be removed from probation. Col Tise told me he was going to make a pitch to Brig Gen Lorenz and to be ready to get on the bus. We literally were waiting by the "Bring Me Men Ramp" with the bus for him to come out with the General's decision. It was a long wait and Vic fought hard for me and cleared up some misunderstandings. He finally ran out of the building telling me to go get my stuff- I could go! We were all ecstatic. I ran back to my room at Sijan to grab my bag and sign out. I don't remember being confined during the trip, but I'm sure all the conditions for my release were followed!