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The run that Kenny Baier and “Rupert” Laumann led, was set up by Todd Chirko and myself. Ken and Rupert, definitely were our fastest runners and they led us up the hill. Behind the story -- As the backs captain, Keith Wilkinson the scrum captain) let me lead the conditioning training. We had lost at Boulder the Saturday before – Boulder had the best pack I’d ever played against. We kept it close but were physically dominated by Boulder. The girls team had a home game that Saturday, but after their party, the keg was about 3/4 full. Todd called me Monday morning and told me about his idea. So Keith and I pretended that we were going to go running as punishment for getting dominated by Boulder. We didn’t tell them about Todd. Several guys were really pissed off that we were wasting our time running, because the ERRFU collegiate tournament was five days away. K.C. Schow was yelling at me right up to the time we came around the corner, up in the hills, and Todd had his van open, stereo blasting, a lot beer to be consumed. It ended up being exactly what we needed as we ended up playing at least three games that weekend, and I was thinking we played 5. I remember beating School of the Mines by 28-0 that weekend as well. Todd was driving back down the hill and turned on the pavement about 15 seconds before a security policeman came over the hill. So Todd’s timing was perfect.

And who remembers nabbing Osur when he played against us as a Barbos player, and dumping him in the mud puddle?