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1977 Fall Women Portal

This was the first season for the AFA Women, with the first victory ever coming at the hands of Colorado Springs Women, 26-0 on 17 September 1977. Squadron Leader Gordon Alderson, being the stauch English traditionalist, was firmly against women playing rugby, and did all he could to prevent its formation. Hence the nickname for this team was "The Gordon Alderson Side"

The backstory on how the team was started from Sue Slavec: Before joining the Class of 80, Sue attended the University of Colorado Boulder and there played on the women’s rugby team. Fast forward to Spring of 1977, her doolie year, she searched out Al Osur and worked together on creating the women’s side that started Fall 1977. She rounded up roommates and hallmates and recruited anyone that was interested and specifically sought out the 1981 women to join in.

The first games were in Fall 1977 and we had a 2-2 season with only the classes of '80 and '81, and a lot of motivation to get better and recruit more women.

Team Record

A Side Record
Date Opponent Score Notes
17 Sep CC 26-0 Tries by Slavek, Barland, Dennis, Dowden and PK by Dowden
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Season Record 2-2

Last Name First Name Class
Barland Karen 80
Dennis Margaret 80
Dowden Allene 80
Emrick Holly 80
Green Diana 80
Jorgensen Karen 80
Juhas L Diane 80
Knocke Jan 80
Laderman Mary 80
Libby Janet 80
Moore Ann 80
Phillips Shawna 80
Ryan Patricia 80
Slavec Laurie (Sue) 80
Takashima Emi 80
Durst Kathleen 81
Kay Julie 81
Kuta Rebecca 81
Lemieux Kathleen 81
Sinclair Lori 81
Stanley Tamara 81

Post Season Experience/Records

Portal:1977 Fall Women/Post Season



Head Coach - Al Osur [[1]]

Assistant Coach

OIC - Alan Osur



C3C Allene Dowden

C3C Sue Slavec


Front Row Karen Jorgensen, Sue Slavec, Patty Ryan, Eddie Shawna Phillips, Karen Barland, Ann Moore, Peggy Dennis. Second row: USN Ensign Carol West, Holly Emerick, Kathy Durst, Julie Kay, Ann Moore, Amy Takashima Third row: Allene Dowden, Diane Juhas, Lori Sinclair, Jan Knocke, Mary Lademan, Rebecca Kuta, Diana Green, Janet Libby

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Memorable Events