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Below is a list of Cadet earned awards for the listed academic years. Special note is to be made for the Koehn and Murph awards, named after, and in honor and memory of Danial Murphy (2003) and Kim Koehn (1973), both of whom exhibited such a love of our sport that so played a part in their lives that their families and teammates wished to preserved their memories when their lives were cut short.

In addition to these named awards, there is one other deceased cadet honored by his parents Don and Lois LaTorra, who recognized the passion and value their son placed on his AFA rugby experience. The LaTorra Fund, a true endowment fund created in memory of Ross LaTorra (80) and held at the AOG, spins off interest each year to support the Men's team.

In 2019, the Alumni Booster Club sponsored the Alumni Award, for the cadet who most embodied our core values

As sometimes happens with changing of coaches and administrations, the details and names of these awards get confusing, so where the award was not given out by name, but another 'named' award was given, a 'best fit' for the honoree is place into the chart below. The details for each award that guided the 'best fit' are kept on this site for posterity: Murph Award, Koehn Award and Alumni/Booster Club Award

There used to be a plaque in Arnold Hall that had the MVPs listed for men and women but we do not know where it is, so this is our only history: Awards for 1969-2015

Awards for 2016 and beyond below:

Coach's Awards
Graduation Year MV Back MV Forward Most Improved Rookie of the Year Murph Award for Most Inspirational Koehn Award for Rugger of the Year Sevens Player of the Year AFARF (formerly the Alumni) Award Other
2023 CJ Gabriel Jack Brown Cody Lambert Trevor Kauer Landon Chandler Jackson Mitchell Eric Wills Tony Heidelberger More 2023 Men's Awards
2022 Brayden Mathis Jacob Foster Jeremiah Palaita Jack Brown Cooper Smith Riley LaDuque CJ Gabriel Jackson Pingree More 2022 Men's Awards
2021 Ben Bollinger Randy Faulk Brayden Mathis Jacob Foster Clay Madsen Ryan Johnston Ben Bollinger Kyle Roshong More 2021 Men's Awards
2020 Ryan Johnston Randy Faulk Riley LaDuque Christian Gabriel Nate Lavery Noah Nagle Ben Bollinger Han Zhang More 2020 Men's Awards
2019 Johnny Griffith Tom Cox Dustin Stille Clay Madson Elliott Higgins Nick Waterman Koby Hinnant Marquis Cobb More 2019 Men's Awards
2018 Alex Goirigolzarri Austin Lyons Nate Lavery Henry Hill Jason Kyles Elliott Higgins Tristyn Hanson Penn Mutual Collegiate Rugby Championship – Life of Significance Award, Finalist – Nick Waterman

Click here for more 2018 AFA Men's Awards

2017 Dylan Brown Elliott Higgins Liam Boyd Austin Lyons Chase Bockstruck Mitch Cochell National Collegiate Honor Roll Benjamin Weaver, Chase Bockstruck, selection to All-American Camp Dylan Brown and Mitchell Cochell, and click here for -> more 2017 awards
2016 Ben Burmester ("Iron Man" award) Lawrence D'Agostino Hunter Hancock Elliott Higgins William Maschmeyer Click here for more -> 2015 Fall Men's Awards