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This page is dedicated to the offspring of our AFA ruggers, offspring who have gone on to play our great game, either at the Academy or elsewhere. If you don't see someone who should be on here, please notify Harry at

Air Force Academy Rugby

Colin Jonasen (20) son of Brian Jonasen (88)

Braden Smith (18), son of Dave Smith (88)

John Stark (16) son of Scott Stark (87)

Kristina Welde (00), daughter of Bill Welde (77)

Denny Merideth (14), son of Denny Merideth (73)

Melissa Bauman Phillips (96), daughter of David Bauman (71)

Matt Byrd (85), son of AFA Coach Tex Byrd

University Rugby

Erin Hens (University of Wyoming), daughter of Tim Hens (93)

Katherine (Katie) Gaines (University of Pittsburgh), daughter of David Gaines (88)

John Curran (Penn State), son of Chuck Curran (77)

Patrick Curran (Brown University), son of Chuck Curran (77)

Kristofer Merideth (University of Denver), son of Denny Merideth (73)

Charles Laws (SDSU, Brookings), son of Harry Laws (69)

Tad Laws (Indiana University), son of Harry Laws (69)

Post Graduate Rugby

Erin Hens (Buffalo Women), daughter of Tim Hens (93)

Patrick Curran (club in San Francisco, UC Davis Medical School), son of Chuck Curran (77),

John Curran (Darmstadt, Germany, University of Dundee Med School (Scotland), and a local club in Oxford, England), son of Chuck Curran (77),

Tad Laws (Chicago Riot), son of Harry Laws (69)

Youth Rugby

Jackson Martin (Alexandria MS, VA) son of Corey Martin (91)

Anna Burrows (Palmer HS Lady Terrors, CO), daughter of Jeff (Billy) Burrows (81)

Tad Laws (Carmel MS & HS, IN), son of Harry Laws (69)

x, y, z, sons of Mike Traw (94)

Elijah, Joseph, Evelyn & Hannah Carl (South Bay Spartans Youth Rugby, CA), sons & daughters of Ehren & Lindsay Carl (99, 00)

Jack Woodbury (Monument Hill RFC, later knowns as Pikes Peak Falcons RFC), son of Doug (Woody) Woodbury (87)