2002 Alumni match roster

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Blain Nye '92, Chris Tobias '92, Billy Burrows '81, Lou Ruscetta '98, Jason Campbell '91, Mike Miller '92, Chuck Corcoran '92, Dave Durbin '92, Trey Meeks '92, Jarrett Hlavaty '98, Tom Nicholson '92, James Gherdovich '98, Bill Douglas '96, Andy Hamann '92, Marty Reynolds '92, Josh Burgess '92, Scott Mackinzie '92, Try Eyre '79, Martin Payne '92, Rich Pohlidal (coach) and Alan Osur (past coach)

(from Rob Holder) "Tru Eyre scored a classic try in the first half proving he still has the moves"

(Also from Rob Holder) "Alan Osur was robbed of his chance at glory when a knock on in goal prevented him from dotting down. We have discussed banning Alan from future alumni games because we fear he will seriously injure one of our young players with his ferocious tackling."