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The USAFA Rugby Hall of Fame is established to recognize Academy students or graduates who have demonstrated a high level of excellence and dedication within the rugby community, either through on the field competency or off the field rugby associated activities. Eligibility criteria are:

- Players who have distinguished themselves on the field as evidenced by a career of high level participation with recognition of excellence by selection to an all star team such as the Eagles, All American, All Service, Air Force team, etc., even if that selection did not result in any actual games played. - Certain coaches, administrators or other individuals who, through their dedication and efforts over time, have significantly contributed to rugby, whether at the Academy or elsewhere.

- Candidates must be at least 10 years post graduation OR candidates have satisfied the automatic selection criteria (there are only two automatic criteria: Selection to the Olympic or USA Eagle’s team)

The AOG Rugby Affinity Board will accept nominations from the membership during the year, ending 31 December. They will then confer and make a decision so that inductees can be recognized at the end of year team annual banquet. The annual number of individuals inducted will be entirely up to the board, however it is anticipated the numbers will be higher in the first few years of this process. A gift of recognition will be made to those individuals commensurate with the honor and their picture and rugby bio will be placed on this alumni webpage, updated as necessary should their rugby career continue.

2015 Inductees (click on name for more information)

Sean Edris, coach (2015)

Alan Osur, coach (2015)

Past Inductees (year of induction) Alpha (2012) Bravo (2014) Charlie (2011)