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2021 Fall Men Portal

Over the summer the players did a great job recruiting into the fall season. More upperclassmen joined the team than in any previous year which is a testament to the commitment of the team and the excitement of the sport. The class of 2025 is adding into the mix with a number of players who will quickly be competing for starting positions going into the season! The players are ready and energized! We have multiple opponents wanting matches, but the challenge will be sufficient supervision for coverage especially for weekends where the matches have to be at different venues.

The Zoomies hosted the USAF 7s Team for the annual scrimmage as part of the USAF team’s preparation for the Rugbytown 7s and Armed Forces 7s Championship in Denver. The aggressive contact at the beginning of the season for the Zoomies provided a great competitive environment to jump start excitement for the fall season. The post-match social gave the players time to hear from officers and enlisted players from the USAF team about professional careers and rugby after the Academy. Playing against grads is always a highlight and learning firsthand from players with experience in the World Class Athlete Program (WCAP) was definitely motivational.

The Vice-Commandant, Col Clarence Lukes ’92, made it out to one of the practices. He jumped right in with the players and ran with them the entire practice. Having that level of support from the Commandant’s office is an excellent change!

Although the Fall ended with a loss, the match results did not fully reflect how close it was. See here for 2021 Fall summary by Jeff Burrows

Ended up ranked 25th in the Nation with fully supported programs at Army rated #3 and Navy #8 [[1]]

Team Record

A Side Record
Date Opponent Score Notes
14 Aug USAF Men 7s Scrimmage
3 Sep CU 36-19 T-Mathis (3), LaDuque, Gabriel, Mitchell; C-Gabriel (3); photos here [2], Match video here [3]
11 Sep at Navy 0-65 first game for 8 of our starters
18 Sep at Wyoming 48 - 19 T - Reid (2), Foster, Ruetsche, Konecny, Mathis, Palaiti, Mitchell; C-Mitchell (4)
25 Sep CSU 31-52 T - Mathis (2), Palaiti, Gabriel, Smith; C - Gabriel (2), Mathis (1)
2 Oct at U New Mexico 28-0 Forfeit
9 Oct Univ of Utah Scrimmage 17 - 17 Played 40 minutes full up T-Palaiti, Chandler, LaDuque, C-Pingree; second 40 minutes as controlled scrimmage for training video [4]
16 Oct CU 43-48 T - Garafolo, Gabriel (3), Mitchell, Reid, LaDuque; C - Gabriel (4) video [[5]] CU2021 Write up
5 Nov (Friday) Army 23-72 USAFA 23 - Army 24 at 50 minutes; T- Gabriel, Ruetsche C- Gabriel (2); PK - Gabriel (3)click here for photos -> [6] and here [7]. Game video here -> [8]
4 Dec Ohio State 34-67 First D1A Bowl; match photos here [[9]] Game video here -> [[10]]

Silver Side Record
Date Opponent Score Notes
14 Aug(1000) USAF Men Scrimmage
3 Sep vs AFA C Scrimmage
14 Sep Dev team vs CC 13-10 Scrimmage
18 Sep at Wyoming 20-20 10s
25 Sep CSU 31-29 T - Lambert, Stephens, Hochmeister, Ashlock; C - Trujillo (2), Benson (1)
3 Oct DU 36 - 31 T Ashlock (2), Molino (2), Stephens; C - Kavanaugh (4), PK - Kavanaugh; Man of the Match Jonas Jonsson; Video - [[11]]
8 Oct at CC 21-14 T Brown (2), Hochmeister; C - Kavanaugh (3)
16 Oct CU 20 - 44 T - Boswell, Palaita (2); C - Kavanaugh; PK - Kavanaugh
30 Oct DU 34-35 T Brown, Ashlock (2), Seals, Beggs, Johnson; C - Kavanaugh (2) DU converted PK in the final minutes; First half video -> [[12]]

Last Name First Name Class
Armour Blake 2022
Bazarov Sam 2024
Beggs Josiah 2025
Benson Alan 2023
Bollinger Simon 2025
Boswell Wyatt 2022
Brown Jack 2025
Bruce Joe 2022
Cico Francesco 2022
Chandler Landon 2023
Claydon Stephen 2025
Cook Jackson 2024
Deleeuw Colby 2025
Drovdlic Casey 2022
Eastman Calan 2025
Ells Nicholas 2023
Fricke William 2025
Foster Jacob 2022
Felch Dallas 2022
Gabriel CJ 2023
Garofalo Michael 2022
Garrison Ryan 2025
Heidelberger Tony 2023
Johnson Spencer 2023
Jonsson Jonas 2025
Karlson Samuel 2022
Kass Kyle 2023
Kavanaugh Caleb 2025
Kelly Jack 2024
Konecny Brandon 2022
LaDuque Riley 2022
Lambert Cody 2025
Luedeke Alexander 2022
Mason Michele (Mace) 2022
McAdams Thomas 2025
Medeiros Jason 2024
Mathis Brayden 2022
Medina TJ 2022
Mitchell Jackson 2023
Molino Alexander 2023
Moomaw Roger 2024
Musselman Isaac 2025
Nyfeler Peter 2022
Palaiti Jeremiah 2024
Peneff Yury 2025
Pingree Jackson 2022
Quick Samuel 2025
Reid Brandon 2022
Riley Cyrus 2025
Ruetsche Austin 2022
Schwaab Aidan 2025
Seals Isiah 2025
Smith Cooper 2022
Stephens Hayden 2025
Stoub Colton 2025
Stroup Ethan 2025
Trujillo Jacob 2025
Vance Sam 2022
Whitney Bennett 2023
Wiltz Tariq 2023
Williams Eli 2024
Zimmerman Andrew 2025

Post Season Experience/Records

Portal:2021 Fall Men/Post Season



Head Coach - Denny Merideth '73 [[13]]

Assistant Coach (scrum) - Jeff Burrows '81

Assistant Coach (scrum) - Mick Harper '92

Assistant Coach (backs) - Joe Dan Cox '98

Assistant Coach - Jammey Booth

Assistant Coach - Joel Rubletz (Canadian)

OIC - Mr. Glen Dudevoir USMA '78

Trainers - Maj Rett Reber and Maj Adrian Marrero

Captains and Cadet Leadership

Captain - Riley LaDuque

CIC - Cooper Smith

NCOIC - Jackson Mitchell

Fitness Officer - CJ Gabriel


Blue Side, Kneeling:Eli Williams, Cooper Smith, Franceso Cico, Wyatt Boswell, Will Hochmeister, Blake Armour, Alan Benson, Bennett Whitney, Brandon KonecnyStanding:Mikey Garafolo, Jacob Foster, Sam Vance, Landon Chandler, Tony Heidelberger, Parker Ashlock, Casey Drovdlic, Jeramiah Palaiti, Jackson Mitchell, Brayden Mathis, Sam Bazarov, Riley LaDuque
Silver Side, Kneeling:Ashlock, Claydon, Seals, Riley, Bollinger, Kavanaugh, Cico, Lenahan, Fricke, Beggs Standing:Jonsson, Molino, Bazarov, Stephens, Stoub, Brown, Quick, Kelly, Lambert, Cook, DeLeeuw, Whitney, Mederios, Coach Booth

Click here for more 2021 Fall Men photos

Memorable Events