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2019 Fall Women Portal

The A side is returning ten seniors; eight of whom are four year seniors and contributors to four collective national 7s and fall national 15s titles during their tenure. Second year senior, Adrienne Yoder, is the program's most recent USA Rugby Collegiate All American and named in the 23 for the WCAA/WPL All Star Week Series in early August. Our seniors will be keeping excellent company with a skilled group of returning sophomores and juniors as well as a high octane core of new freshmen and upperclasswomen; two of whom join Zoomie rugby as former high school players.

Coach quote after winning the League championship match: “Very simply, you were excellent today. The only downside of today was the cancellation of the B side match. Let's build on today's excellence and momentum and continue to individually and collectively refine our areas needing improvement. Please be patient with us as we determine practice locations and times this week and next given the time change. To every player who was not in the 23 today, your commitment does not go unnoticed. Programmatic success is only a result of every team member's contributions and the competition for positions created by our young and developing players. I think I speak for all of the coaches when I say we are so proud of each and every one of you and are grateful to be able to coach women like you.”


Team Record

A Side Record
Date Opponent Score Notes
15 Sep UNM 82-5 T - Byer (3), Hamby (2), Bergman (2), Heppe (2), Yoder, Erlich, Doyal; C - Hamby (10), Guinee
21 Sep Army Cancelled
29 Sep CU 109-0 T - Stinson (3), Laboe (3), Eskell (2), Perkins (3), Yoder (3), Erlich, DeHart, Spiegel-Saeger C-Hamby (10), DeHart (2), PK Hamby
6 Oct Navy Cancelled no airlift
13 Oct at Wyoming 75-33 T - Yoder (5), Beyer (3), Stinson, Medeiros, Bergman; C - Hamby (10)
20 Oct at CSU 101-14 T - Yoder (5), Stinson (4), Eskeli (2), Hamby, Doyle, DeHart, Layne; C - Hamby (13)
27 Oct Montana State 74-12 T - Laboe (3), Yoder (2), Stinson (2), Eskeli (2), Doyle, Guinee, Berry; C - Hamby (7)
3 Nov Wyoming 83-19 Rocky Mountain Conference Finals; T - Yoder (5), Layne (2), Eskeli (2), Medeiros, Stinson, Cotton; C - Hamby (10), Pk - Hamby
24 Nov Indiana University 67-0 National Fall Collegiate Quarter finals, Columbia MO; T - Hamby (2), Yoder (2), Stinson (2), Ehrlich, Eskeli, Gibson, Doyle; C - Hamby (7), PK - Hamby; post game pool [[2]]
25 Nov U Minnesota 71-10 National Fall Collegiate Semi finals, Columbia MO; T - Yoder (4), Stinson (2), Doyle (2), Eskeli, Hamby, Laboe; C - Hamby (8)
8 Dec (Sun) Navy 26-10 National Collegiate D1 Fall Championship, Charlotte NC; T - Doyle (3), Hamby; C - Hamby (3)
Season Record 9-0

Last Name First Name Class
Andrews Paige
Beery Cerea 2022
Bergman Hannah 2020
Beyer Jess 2021
Clemente Hunter Ariana 2021
Coleman Kaydria 2022
Cotton Taylor
Deeney Haeley 2020
DeHart Sierra 2021
de Villiers Lexi
Doyal Devin 2020
Ehrlich Katy 2021
Eskeli Kaylee 2020
Faatuai Ray 2021
Fischer Maddie
Garey Abigail
Gayheart Colleen
Gibson Staci 2022
Guinee Meghen 2020
Hamby Jacqueline 2020
Heppe Regan 2022
Jerome Rita
Kuhrt Aubrie
Laboe Elizabeth 2022
Lamey Liz
Layne Sarah
Lee Esther 2020
Martin Brooke 2022
Martinez Ade 2022
Medeiros Calle 2021
Mickel Michel
Perkins Abigail 2020
Phinney Alyson
Rohrer Lexi 2020
Rothe Lexi
Schuster Schu
Sigala Faith
Sims Jennifer
Spiegel-Saeger Cameo 2022
Steiner Mac
Stinson Sarah 2020
Tollefson Kylee
Townsend Rhiannon 2021
Trimber Julie
Tsarni Hava
Yoder Adrienne 2020
Villacorta Kyle

Post Season Experience/Records

Portal:2019 Fall Women/Post Season


Head Coach - Amy Rusert

Co-Head Coach, Forwards Coach - Scott Mears

Assistant Coach - Skip Shackelford

Assistant Coach - Christopher Kosiavelon

OIC - Maj JJ LaBouliere


Captain - C2C Jess Beyer

Vice Captain - C1C Devin Doyle


(L to R) Back Row:  ????????????; Middle row:  ???????; Kneeling:  ??

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Memorable Events

Devin Doyle selected as MVP of the National Championship match for her hat trick try effort!

Coaches Amy, Skip and Scott with MVP Devin