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2017 Fall Women Portal

Exceptional (building) season that saw the resurgence of a B side, and an A side that outpaced all the local teams by a great margin. The Army match demonstrated what a varsity program might look like, and the weather contributed to the loss to Davenport in the regionals where the mud slowed our speedy backs from mounting any attack. Kudos to Davenport however, as their recruiting efforts for their varsity program has given them the talent to compete with the elite collegiate programs. Our ladies had fun, enjoyed the support of parents and alumni and made many friends and memories to last a lifetime.

Team Record

A Side Record
Date Opponent Score Notes
10 Sep CU 76-20 Ts by Salato (2), Akinlosoto (2), Beyer (2), Stinson, Carter, Fortney, Heiser, O'Brien, Perkins and C by Hamby (6) and Heiser (2)
17 Sep Utah State 69-5 Ts by Akinlosotu (3), O'Brien, Salato, Eskeli, Deeney, Fortney, Stinson, Doyle Cs Heiser (8) and PK by Heiser
24 Sep UNM 66-5 Ts by Stinson (4), O'Brien, Perkins, Guinee, Hamby, Duryea, Bergman; Cs by Heiser (6), Hamby (2)
7 Oct at Navy <score> Cancelled - lack of airlift
22 Oct at CSU 53-19 Ts by Bruggemann (3), McFarland (2), Midas (2), Nemeth and PT by Gonzales. Cs by Edgington (2) and Baumgarten
29 Oct at Montana State 24-0 Ts by Medeiros, Salato, Rohrer
4 Nov Army 0-55 Played on the Terrazzo
18-19 Nov Texas A&M 27-12 D1 Regionals at Lamont IL
18-19 Nov Davenport 5-15 D1 Regional Finals at Lamont IL, T by Stinson
Season Record 6-2

B Side Record
Date Opponent Score Notes
<date> CC <score> Scrimmage of three periods
7 Oct School of Mines A 24-26 Ts by Beyer (3), DeHart and Cs by Torbenson (2)
Season Record 0-1

Last Name First Name Class
Lee Esther
Bergman Hannah 2020
Barreck Megan 2021
Beyer Jess 2021
Carter Maria 2021
Chabanne Mia 2021
Clemente Hunter Ariana
DeHart Sierra 2021
Ehrlich Katy 2021
Deeney Haelley 2020
Doyle Devin 2020
Eskeli Kaylee 2020
Fulbright Erica 2019
Guinee Meghan 2020
Gordon Dom 2019
Duryea Simone 2018
Heiser Noel 2018
Medeiros Callan 2021
Perkins Abigail 2021
Barnette Zoe 2019
Hamby Jacqueline 2019
Rogers Britian 2019
Sackey Chyd 2021
Salato Ashlee 2020
Harris Leah
Roche Meghan 2019
Fortney Lauren 2018
O'Brian Kelsey 2018
Stinson Sarah 2020
Smallidge Adelaide
Akinlosotu Olufunmilayo 2018
Townsend Rhiannon 2021
Paulson Ashlyn
Torbenson Calista 2021
Wolfengarger Collie
Young Maia 2021
Yount Amanda
Rohrer Lexi 2020

Post Season Experience/Records

Portal:2017 Fall Women/Post Season



Head Coach - Amy Rusert

Assistant Coach - Skip Shackelford

Forwards Coach - Scott Mears

OIC - Major Jadonna Brewton

OIC - Major Kim Garbett

OIC - Maj Emily Ladd

OIC - MSgt Jonathan Phillip

CIC - C1C Ashlyn Paulson


C1C Noelle Heiser


players names not available
players names not available

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Memorable Events

Portal:2017 Fall Women/Memorable Events