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2017 Fall Men Portal


Team Record

A Side Record
Date Opponent Score Notes
19 Aug The AF Team None kept Sevens: Academy vs AF Men
1 Sep Utah State 86-24 Tries Hanson (4), Menser (2), Kyles (2), Thorley, Lyons, Higgins, Goirigolzarri, Rothstein, Johnston and C by Menser (7) and Rothstein; Video here - [[1]]
9 Sep Texas Tech 94-0 T by Higgins (3), Culver (3), Lyons (3), Menser, Kyles, Mechikoff, Hanson, Waterman and C by Menser (11) and Rothstein. Video here [[2]]
15 Sep at Michigan Canceled due to airlift helping Florida hurricane recovery
23 Sep Utah Valley University 29-56 Ts by Thorley, Culver, Boyd, Menser. Cs by Menser (3) and PK by Menser. Video here [[3]]
30 Sep at New Mexico 48-15 Ts by Higgin (3+one PT), Vaughn, Rothstein, Lyons, Hill and Cs by Rothstein (3) Video here [[4]]
7 Oct at Navy 7-46 (7-11 at half) T by Smith, C by Menser
14 Oct Wyoming 69-18 Ts by Kyles (3), Higgin, Zhang, Lyons, Culver, Goirigolzarri, Griffith, Menser, Brandt, Cs by Swenson and Menser (6)
20 Oct at CSU 27-57 Ts by Kyles (2), Hill, Lyons; C by Menser and PKs by Menser (2); leading 27-22 at 50 min
28 Oct CU 41-49 Ts by Goirigolzarri (2), Higgins (2), Lyons, Campbell; Cs by Menser (4) and PK by Menser
3 Nov Army 7-66 T by Higgins, C by Menser; Video: [[5]]
Season Record xx-yy

B Side Record
Date Opponent Score Notes
1 Sep Glendale U-20 0-104
1 Sep C vs U N Colorado 5-67 T by Campbell
9 Sep Colorado Mines (DII) 7-36 T by Brandt, C by Swenson
23 Sep Utah Valley U <score>
27 Sep UCCS they forfeited
13 Oct at Colorado College they forfeited
14 Oct Wyoming B <score>
20 Oct at CSU <score>
21 Oct at Univ of Northern Colorado <score>
27 Oct CSU Pueblo 20-19 Cs by Bartholomew(2), Faulk, Laverty
28 Oct CU B 31-50 Ts by Bartholomew, Faulk, Fenton, Reis, and AFA; Cs by Connors (3)
Season Record xx-yy

Last Name First Name Class
Agmata Christian 2018
Arnaud Antoine 2020
Boyd Liam 2020
Brandt Curran 2019
Campbell Jacob 2020
Collins Chris 2021
Cox Thomas 2019
Culver Colin 2018
Dalton Dominique 2018
Faulk Randy 2021
Fenton Patrick 2021
Ferrara Hedman Nico 2021
Frometa Josh 2019
Goirigolzarri Alex 2019
Griffith Johnny 2019
Griffith Max 2019
Hanlon Matt 2021
Hanson Tristyn 2019
Hayes Jack 2021
Hennessey Rose Brendan 2021
Higgin Elliott 2019
Hill Henry C 2018
Hughes Jake 2019
Hurtado Emmanuel (Manny) 2018
Johnston Ryan 2021
Krause Joel 2021
Kyles Jason 2018
Langan Dylan 2021
Lavery Nate 2020
Linhart Chip 2021
LLoyd Brandon 2018
Lunasin Hunter 2019
Lyons Austin 2018
Mataitusi Tusi 2020
Mechikoff Michael 2018
Menser Eric 2019
Mishler Sean 2018
Morgan Harley 2021
Mott Phil 2021
Nagle Noah 2020
Powdar Oliver 2021
Reiss Evan 2019
Rothstein Casey 2018
Scott Trip 2021
Sivohins Deniss 2018
Snider Andrew 2021
Stewart Tyler 2021
Stille Dustin 2019
Swenson Connell 2020
Thompson Nathan 2021
Thorley McCord 2018
Turner Max 2020
Turnquist TQ 2021
Ursino John 2021
Waterman Nick 2019
Zhang Han 2020
Bartholomew David 2018
Silvin Keith 2021
Connelly Ryan 2019
Murphy Murph 2019
Nazareno Vernon 2021

Post Season Experience/Records

Portal:2017 Fall Men/Post Season



Head Coach - Denny Merideth '73 [[6]]

Assistant Coach - Jeff Burrows

Assistant Coach - Paul Emerick [[7]]

Assistant Coach - Karl Kennedy

OIC - Lt Col Joe Dan Cox, '98

Assistant OIC - Major Sean Huss '04

AOIC - Capt Terrence Knock

CIC - C1C McCord Thorley

Trainer - Bonnie Anderson


C2C Elliott Higgins


Austin Lyons jumping

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Memorable Events

At New Mexico The team maintained a decorum and composure throughout the match as they were confronted with a significantly different approach to how the game was refed. In spite of being down 2 players for virtually 20 minutes of the match (25% of the time) and being down one player for another 20+ minutes of the match the team rallied through solid teamwork and communication for a 48 to 15 win. The UNM Lobos were excellent hosts and played with passion for the entire 80 minutes.

Rookie Lock Henry Hill scored the first try for the Zoomies at the 4 minute mark with a hard-charging run. Shortly afterward two yellow cards were given to both the team Captain, Elliot Higgins, and the team cadet in charge (President), McCord Thorley. For a full 10 minutes the Zoomies had 13 players against New Mexico’s full side. The Zoomies held strong but a scamper by David De Vos, the Lobos Flyhalf, put New Mexico on the score board at the very last minute of the lop sided playing field. Near the end of the first half as the Zoomies were driving a scrum for a push-over try Elliot Hiiggins was awarded a penalty try. Another rookie in his first ever rugby match, Tyler Vaught, come on at half and scored after side-stepping his way into the open followed by a run into the corner of the try zone. Less than 10 minutes later another set of yellow cards given to the Zoomies put them down again by 2 players with one of them, McCord Thorley, being upgraded to a Red Card. Down 2 players for the next 10 minutes and down 1 for the rest of the match the Zoomies maintained their composure while amassing another 29 points while only giving up one additional try to the lobos. Adding to Eliott Higgins 3 more scores was 1 by Casey Rothstein and 1 by Austin Lyons.