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This season finds a complete turn over in men's rugby leadership. Taking the suggestions of the previous two OICs whose careers moved on, the officer leadership is now increased to FOUR OICs to handle all the administrative tasks associated with a national level team. They undertook a proscribed process for organizing the season to include coach selection (which for the first time ever included advertising, screening resume's and interviewing to select a coach). All this change could not help but impact the team, but after the first few weeks and games, things have settled down and the season began on a high note of winning. Losing to Navy in horrible weather was heartbreaking, but beating Army was a high point. A great base was established for the tough spring season.

Team Record

A Side Record
Date Opponent Score Notes
12 Sept Jackalope Tournament won See scores in next 3 lines
12 Sept Utah State 29-19 tries by Maschmeyer, Cochell, Fischer, and Braden Smith; Kerdikoshvili 3 conversions and 1 penalty kick
12 Sept Northern Colorado 57-14 2 tries by Hancock; tries by Moss, Burmester, Fischer, Kuhn, Gonzales, Kerdikoshvili, and Darling; 6 conversions by Kerdikoshvili
12 Sept CU 22-14 tries by Fischer, Hein, and Kerdikoshvili; 1 penalty kick and 2 conversions by Kerdikoshvili
2 Oct at Navy 0-28 Hurricane level winds and downpour throughout a tough match stymied USAFA's quick paced style of play; soaked to the bone Captain C2C Ben Burmester congratulated and awarded Navy with the Shea Trophy
9 Oct B's at CC 17-0 tries by Jace Miller, Alex Goirigolzarri, and Bartholomew; conversion by Kirkland
10 Oct Wyoming 55-30 Won 2 tries by Burmester; tries by Maschmeyer, Hancock, Fischer, Culver, Kerdikoshvili & Miller; 3 conversions and 3 penalty kicks by Kerdikoshvili
17 Oct at CSU 13-56 try by Burmester; Kerdikoshvili 2 penalty kicks and 1 conversion
24 Oct CU at Infinity Park 22-20 Tries by Kaiana Miller, Darling and Burmester; Kerdikoshvili 2 conversions and 1 penalty kick
24 Oct Cs vs CU 31-42 tries by Moore, Hancock, Hein, Hurley, and Beissner; 3 conversions by Brown
24-25 Oct Bs at High Desert won Won 5 0f 6 matches beating UNM As in final 24-10
31 Oct at Utah 30-41 tries by Thorley, Culver, and Cochell; 3 tries by Burmester
31 Oct Cs at Utah 10-42 USAFA fielded primarily a freshman team against a seasoned Utah second side
31 Oct Bs at Hawaii 7-52 Hosted by the Hawaii Harlequin's men's club
6 Nov ARMY 31-25 2 tries and 3 conversion by Kerdikoshvili and tries by B Smith, H Hancock and Maschmeyer
14 Nov New Mexico 113-15 Tries by Carl and Jace Miller; 2 tries by Ben Goirigolzarri, Braden Smith, Kerdikoshvili; 3 tries by Culver, Maschmeyer, and Moore; 14 conversions by Kerdikoshvili

Last Name First Name Class
Agmata Christian 2018
Bartholomew David 2019
Beissner Lucas 2019
Brooks Bugsy 2019
Brown Dylan 2017
Burman Andrew 2019
Burmester Ben 2017
Bush Richie 2017
Byszewski Paul 2019
Carl Joseph 2017
Chi Sean 2018
Cobb Marquis 2019
Cochell Mitch 2018
Connelly Ryan 2019
Cornillez Michael 2019
Cox Thomas 2019
Culver Colin 2018
D'Agnostino Lawrence 2017
Dalton Dominique 2018
Darling Daniel 2017
Fischer Matt 2016
Francoeur Nicholas 2018
Frometa Josh 2019
Geueke Greg 2017
Gingery Matt 2018
Goirigolzarri Alex 2019
Goirigolzarri Ben 2016
Gonzales Gonzo 2017
Griffith Johnny 2019
Grimes Dee 2017
Hancock Hunter 2019
Hanley James 2017
Harold Joshua 2016
Hein August 2018
Henigman Jacob 2018
Higgins Elliott 2019
Hurley Nick 2019
Jaffe Sam 2018
Kerdikoshvili Gregor 2018
Kim Kevin 2017
Kirkland Jacob 2016
Krige Jean
Kuhn Geoffrey 2017
Kyles Jason 2018
Lichtsinn Andrew 2017
Maschmeyr William 2016
Miller Jace 2019 or 21
Miller Kaiana 2017
Miner Brady 2017
Moore Dallas 2017
Moss Donavan 2018
Nyfeler Peter 2019
Oliver Matt 2019
Parzych Jacob 2018
Pingree Jackson 2019
Reiss Evan 2019
Rivera CJ 2019
Rothstein Casey 2017
Smith Braden 2018
Smith Dylan 2019
Smith Quincy 2017
Stewart Nkozi 2018
Stille Dustin 2019
Thorley McCord 2018
Vargas Connor 2017
Vaughn Cody 2017
Welch Dalton 2017
Wiggins Jordan 2018
Woody Joseph 2019

Post Season Experience/Records

Portal:2015 Fall Men/Post Season



Head Coach - Denny Merideth 73 [[1]]

Assistant Coach - Paul Emerick IV

Assistant Coach - James Paterson

Assistant Coach - Jim Donovan

Assistant Coach - Karl Kennedy

OIC - Ltc Gary Heldfeldt, 88

OIC - Maj Jeff Ulmer

OIC - Capt Mike Kerschbaum

OIC - Capt Mike Hoffman

Manager - Rachel Duff

Cadet In Charge

CIC - Matt Fischer


C1C Ben Bermeister

C2C Matt Fischer


Front Row: Bonnie Anderson (Trainer) McCord Thorley, August Hein, Thomas Cox, Jace Miller, Will Maschmeyer, Matt Fischer (Co-Captain), Ben Burmester (Co-Captain), Andy Lichtsinn, Kaiana Miller, Larry D’Agostino, Eliott Higgins, Dylan Brown, James Paterson (Coach) Second Row: Col Gary Helfeldt (OIC), Matt Oliver, Michael Cornillez, David Bartholomew, Alex Goirigolzarri, Jason Kyles, Joe Carl, Grigor Kerdikoshvili, Mitch Cochell, Hunter Hancock, Gilbert Gonzalez, Braden Smith, Brady Miner, Dallas Moore, Quincy Smith, Greg Geuke, Dalton Welch, Maj Jeff Ulmer (OIC) Third Row: Heath Reichenbach, Johnny Griffith, Marquis Cobb, Christian Agmata, Jacob Parzych, Evan Reiss, Josh Frometa, Ryan Connelly, Geoff Kuhn, Colin Culver, Chase Bockstruck, Jackson Pingree, Dane Grauer, Casey Rothstein, Jean Krige, Nicholas Francoeur, Peter Nyfeler, Denny Merideth (Head Coach) Missing: Paul Byszewski, Dominique Dalton, Daniel Darling, Grizz Hanley, Mike Hoffman, Sam Jaffe, Kevin Kim, Kirk Kirkland, Donavan Moss, Nkozi Stewart, Dustin Stille, Jordan Wiggins

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Memorable Events

Portal:2015 Fall Men/Memorable Events