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2004 Spring Men Portal

Team Patch
Team Jersey
We went the whole year undefeated and were ranked No1 in the Nation the whole year. Had a great game against No. 2 BYU, beating them in regular season. Had a tour organized to Scotland in preparation for the final 4, but the senior management at USAFA veto'd the trip last second (literally) so we landed up going to Scottsdale AZ. Played men's teams there and won all of them.

We won regionals, and sweet 16. We were winning comfortably against Cal Poly SLO 35 to 18 with 10 mins left, but lost through a passage of play that was unbelievable, mostly in luck for Cal Poly. After the game the coaching staff approached a stunned Coach and declared there was absolutely nothing he could have done as a coach to prevent that from happening. Drop kicks hitting the cross bar and literally falling over, kicks that lead to try's that had bounces that had never before been seen.

Coach Stephen was voted one of the Eastern Rockies all Star coaches and was in charge of the team with Rich (last name?) from Wyoming. 13-14 of the Eastern Rockies team consisted of USAFA guys. We won the all star tournament going undefeated.

In the words of Coach Stephen: "Looking back at the USAFA experience, it was truly an honor to coach these kids. Having seen Army, Navy, etc, the USAFA boys in every sense were the cream of the crop."

Team Record

A Side Record
Date Opponent Score Notes
<date> Denver Barbos 20-40
<date> U New Mexico 34-17
<date> New Mexico State 68-3
<date> BYU 39-31
<date> Denver Harlequins 55-28
<date> U Nebraska 46-8
<date> Tempe Old Boys 39-17 Spring Break
<date> U NM ? Spring Break
<date> U Arizona 101-5 Spring Break
24 April Navy won! Took 3 shoot outs to break a 5-5 tie
<date> Wyoming 39-13
<date> Texas A&M 53-0
<date> Tennessee 71-10 Sweet Sixteen
<date> Ohio State 16-13 Round of 8
May Cal Poly 32-35 National Collegiate Semi-Final, Ts by Steinhiser, Riedesel, Latham, Dean, Lemay and 2Cs and PK by Steinhiser. Cal Poly went on to wollop Cal, 46-24
May <opponent> won Third place in National Finals held at Stanford
Season Record 17-5
B Side Record
Date Opponent Score Notes
<date> U Colorado 35-7  ? Fall Game?
<date> Navy 25-15  ?Fall Game
<date> Wyoming 53-10
<date> CSU 52-0  ? Fall game
<date> Denver Barbarians 8-28  ? Fall game
<date> New Mexico Tech 56-5
<date> Denver Harlequins 48-5
<date> Tempe Old Boys 28-21
Season Record 7-1
Developmental Side Record
Date Opponent Score Notes
<date> Denver Harlequins 14-20
<date> Colorado College 31-21
<date> U Colorado 35-28
<date> Colorado Mines 25-28
<date> U Colorado 35-15
<date> Army 3-19
<date> U Colorado 14-32
<date> Denver Barbos 14-28
<date> Navy 8-5
Season Record 4-5

Last Name First Name Class
Fregly Terry 2007
Echols Bradley 2007
Kahn Jordan 2007
Smith Thomas 2007
Latham Stephen 2004
Adams Cedric 2005
Beers Thomas 2005
Burley Mark 2005
Dombrock Ryan 2005
Gureckis John 2005
Lockard John 2005
Riedesel Joseph 2005
Lemay Brian 2005
Terrazone Tyler 2004
Dean Josh 2004
Sanders Ryan 2004
Cappell Eric 2004
Kolzow James 2004
Steinhiser Dan 2004
Cordova John 2007
Anderson Jake 2005
Bailey Clayton 2005
Barbour John 2005
Brennan Butch 2005
Conyers Brandon 2005
Deas Rosie 2006
Feely John 2005
Green Sloan 2007
Greenaway Mike 2005
Griffin Dan 2007
Harris Will 2006
Hobson Mike 2005
Kendall Mike 2006
Longo Nick 2005
Marcotte Tyler 2006
Mazurek Ken 2005
McPhilamy Jon 2005
Miller Sean 2008
Morgans Nick 2005
Peel John Blake 2005
Probst Casey 2007
Rademacher RJ 2005
Schulte Christin 2007
Shea Tom 2005
Tierney Matt 2007
Uliibarri Jason 2005
Wetherbee Mike 2007
Hofman Griff 2007

Post Season Experience/Records

Nate Terrazone - 2016 Air Force Las Vegas Sevens Camp



Head Coach - David Stephen, RAF

Assistant Coach - Howard Stableford

Assistant Coach - Bob Mckinney '70

Director of rugby operations and logistics - Dan Marine '96




C1C Josh Dean (scrum)

C1C Eric Cappel

C1C Ryan Sanders


We were supposed to go to Scotland, everything was set-up, uniforms were already ordered, etc. A week or two out, BG Weida, the Commandant, squashed the overseas travel. So, we regrouped and went down to Scottsdale, AZ! These images are from the first match, right before we headed south. The jerseys for that trip displayed the logo the team had been using since 2001-2002 and was also the first jersey to feature the ZRFC logo (which Tom Beers designed in 2003)

Here are some images of what we wore on the 2004 Spring Break trip

Click here for more photos for 2004 Spring Men

Memorable Events

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