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Lost to Stanford on the last play of the match. This was the closest match Stanford had during the entire championship rounds. It goes to say our ladies were up to at least the "second in the nation" honor. [Before meeting the zoomies, Stanford beat West Chester 32-5.... and after beating us by 4, they went on to beat Navy, 34-20 and in the championship match, Princeton, 42-31; we were clearly their best competition]

Team Record

A Side Record
Date Opponent Score Notes
<date> <opponent> <score>
<date> <opponent> <score>
<date> <opponent> <score>
<date> <opponent> <score>
<date> <opponent> <score>
<date> <opponent> <score>
<date> <opponent> <score>
17 Apr Bowling Green 34-10 Sweet 16, advancing to round of 8
18 Apr Stanford 11-15 Stanford went on to win nationals, beating Navy and Princeton by wide margins
Season Record xx-yy
B Side Record
Date Opponent Score Notes
<date> <opponent> <score>
<date> <opponent> <score>
<date> <opponent> <score>
<date> <opponent> <score>
<date> <opponent> <score>
<date> <opponent> <score>
<date> <opponent> <score>
<date> <opponent> <score>
<date> <opponent> <score>
Season Record xx-yy
Last Name First Name Class
Schiessler Jennifer 1999
Harms Erin 2002
Babcock Esther 2002
Olsen Jennifer 2000
Kjarum Dara 2000
Oldham Stephanie 2000
Jaquez Jamie 1999
Tams Erin 2000
Garner Andrea <class>
Ringwald Amy 2001
Baerwald Katherine 2001
DeWitt Adrian 2002
Winters Nicole 2002
Renner Laura 2001
Vorderburgen Adrianna 2002
McBrayer Cara 2001
Lynch Sarah 1999
Nelson Lindsay 2000
Newton Susan 2001
Retkofsky Onnie 1999
Pope Edie 2000
Demma Megan 1999
Painter Magdalena 2002
Raaen Elsa <class>
Diesselhorst Holly 2001
Brings Bonnie 1999
Smith Sydney 2000
Daniels Stephanie 2001

Post Season Experience/Records

Portal:1999 Spring Women/Post Season



Head Coach - Al Osur [[1]]

Assistant Coach - Lt Col Vic Tise (USMA 77)

Assistant Coach - Major Gary Mittelstadt

Assistant Coach - Gary Hartzell

Assistant Coach - Capt M Reed

OIC - Vic Tise (USMA 77)


C1C Sarah Lynch (backs)

C1C Bonnie Brings (scrum)


First Row: J. Schiessler, E Harms, E Babcock, J Olsen, D Kjarum, S Oldham, J Jaquez, E Tams; Second Row: A Garner, A Ringwald, K Baerwald, A DeWitt, N WInters, L Renner, A Vorderburgen, C McBrayer, S Lynch, L Nelson; Row 3: S Newton, O Retkofsky, E Pope, Lt Col V Tise, M Demma, Alan Osur, M Painter, E Raaen, Capt M Reed, H Diesselhorst, B Brings, Maj Gary Mittlestaadt

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Memorable Events

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