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1989 Spring Men Portal

National Collegiate Championships held at the Academy and the boys won it! Tim Bohman selected as Tournament Most Valuable Back. See here for more details of the 30th reunion of the 1989 Championship Team

Team Member Kevin Shea killed in Iraq [[1]] and the annual Navy v. AFA match competes for the Shea Cup.

" Kevin only played a couple of A side matches but was a great B side player and worked his ass off in practice as you might expect from a future Marine. He was a great guy and had an incredible career before giving his life for our country. Unfortunately, as you know, the rules of rugby back then didn't allow substitution other than for injury so he didn't play much A side. "

Team Record

A Side Record
Date Opponent Score Notes
<date> <opponent> <score>
<date> Canada Match <score>
<date> Tempe Old Devils Won Spring Break - Played in Tucson
<date> Davis Monthan AFB Won Spring Break - Put together by the Legendary Col. Dick Battock
<date> U of Arizona Won Spring Break Trip to Tempe and Tucson
<date> NM State Won Spring Break Trip to Las Crucas
<date> NM Lobos Won Spring Break Trip to Albuqueque
15 Apr Rice 19-0 Western Regionals, Lawrence KS
15 Apr KU 16-3 Western Regional second round
16 Apr CU 22-9 Western Regional Finals T by Bohman (3), Fester, Wonder; C by Jacobus
6 May Army 17-16 Semi finals - National Collegiate Championship, T by Bohman (2), VanderPol, K by Rogers, C by Rogers
7 May Long Beach State 25-7 Finals - National Collegiate Championship. 13-7 at half. Scoring were Tries by Finley, Schiller, Wunder, Bohman with 3 C and P by Rodgers
Season Record xx-yy
B Side Record
Date Opponent Score Notes
<date> <opponent> <score>
<date> <opponent> <score>
<date> <opponent> <score>
<date> <opponent> <score>
<date> <opponent> <score>
<date> <opponent> <score>
<date> <opponent> <score>
<date> <opponent> <score>
<date> <opponent> <score>
Season Record xx-yy
Last Name *onseason First Name Class
Brown* Cameron 1990
Snyder* Jim 1989
Junk* Mike 1990
Oleen* Kevin 1989
Owen* Jay 1990
Drummond* Dan 1989
Wunder* Art 1989
Schiller* Ted 1989
Vanderpol* Brent 1989
Finley* Floyd 1989
Buckley* Ron 1989
Jacobus* Bill 1990
Nikolai* Doug 1989
Bohman* Tim 1990
Rogers* Glenn (Skip) Jr 1990
Mets* Dave 1989
Jozwiak* Tim 1989
Wood* Donny 1990
Fester* Eric 1989
Blue* Harry 1990
Kelm Eric 1990
Krause* John 1990
Hill* Jeff 1990
Rogers Brad 1989
Thomas* Mark 1989
Klopfenstein* Travis 1991
Souza* Frank 1989
Stone* Dan 1989
Cunningham Leo 1989
Millikin* Mark 1990
Warden Herb 1989
Almand David 1990
Figueroa Edmund 1992
Rathman Kolin 1990
Basel Mike 1989
Coogan Ian 1989
Griffin John 1989
Hantla Larry 1989
Horn Jeremey 1989
Janicki William 1989
Lancaster Kevin 1989
LaSure Anthony 1989
Ndirangu Ruhio 1989
Rau Brian 1991
Shea* Kevin 1989
Abraham Dan 1990
Arnold Tim 1990
Bernstein* Pete 1990
Bishop Duane 1990
Cox Joachim 1990
Frauenfelder* Matt 1990
Gerda Dave 1990
Grady Ted 1990
Guerin James 1990
Hurry Donald 1990
Kalivoda David 1990
Kitchens Tom 1990
Klemish Matt 1990
Kochis George 1990
Kosco Mike 1990
Lyonnais Robert 1990
Mayhew Eric 1990
McKeon James 1990
Milligan Stephen 1990
Rousseau Matt 1990
Samuel Jeffrey 1990
Schons Vince 1990
Wiser* Mark 1990
Braucher Mike 1991
Clay Harold 1991
Cronk KC 1991
Englehart Jeff 1991
Everman Brad 1991
Gaff Derek 1991
Grieser James 1991
Hickman* Bill 1991
Kanik James 1991
Martin* Corey 1991
Meek Jim 1989
Monberg Robert 1991
Murray Dan 1992
O'Connel James 1991
Quamme Kevin 1991
Runnette Tim 1991
Russell Andrew 1991
Sakati Russell 1991
Sernel Toby 1991
Winkler Mike 1991
Wold Edward 1991
Bienvegna Matt 1992
Bunch Lance 1992
Burke Michael 1992
Colbert Chris 1992
Dam Rob 1993
DeWald LaRue 1992
Harper Mike 1992
Hodge Eric 1992
Howard Charles 1992
Ireton Colin 1992
Levy Chris 1992
Lanik* James 1991
Millen* Michael 1990

|row103= Marks || Jeffrey || 1992 |row104= Martin || Steve || 1992 |row105= McAtee || Thomas || 1992 |row106= Wold || Edward || 1992 |row107= Meeks || Robert || 1992 |row108= Miller || Rex || 1992 |row109= Moss || Ken || 1992 |row110= Rosa || Richard || 1992 |row111= Salome || Nick || 1992 |row112= Thorn || Daniel || 1992 |row113= Yakely || Matthew || 1992

Post Season Experience/Records

Portal:1989 Spring Men/Post Season



Head Coach - Vern Francis [[2]]

Assistant Coach - Major Walt "LD" Daniels

Assistant Coach - Capt Dave Myers

Assistant Coach - Capt Dave Easler '82

Assistant Coach - Capt Jim Jasina

OIC - Pat Gerdemann

CIC - Jon Finley


C1C - Brent Venderpol

C1C - Jon Finley


Kneeling L>R: Mark Thomas, Ron Buckley, Tim Jozwiak, Mike Junk, Jeff Hill, Eric Kelm, Doug Nikolai Bending L>R: Coach Vern Francis, Brent Vanderpol, Tim Bowman, Bill Jacobus, Skip Rogers, Eric Fester, Jon Floyd Finley, Dave Mets, Art Wunder Standing L>R: Don't know, Jon Krause, Kevin Oleen, Harry Blue, Dan Drummond, Jim Snyder, Jay Owen, Ted Schiller, Brad Rogers, Coach Walt Daniels

Click here for more 1989 Spring Men pictures

Memorable Events

(as told by Jim Russell) - Spring 1989 regular season I went down to the Academy to referee AFA A vs somebody local. Before the first half, as usual the cadets lined up in their huddle just behind the center of the halfway line, and then ran around in a circle; but instead of the usual “Go Zoomies” I heard them yell something like, “oh ending”. I thought it odd but had a game to do so I ignored it. But then they did it again just before the second half, at which they were to kick off. So when the kicker came up to the halfway line, I asked him what this “Oh ending” chant was. To which he replied, “No, it’s ‘No Vending’. You see, Sir, we are hosting Nationals this year, and if we win all our regular and initial playoff games, we on the A side don’t have to run the concessions and sell the food during Nationals. The B side will have to do it. We don’t want to have to do the selling, so we call out, ‘No vending’ to remind ourselves why we want to win.” True story.

(more from Jim Russell): The AFA did go on to host and win the National Collegiate Championship, and I was fortunate enough to referee the semi-final between AFA and Army. At the first scrum the AFA loosehead prop pushed his opposite number, the Army tighthead prop, up, so I had to blow the whistle and reset the scrum. Then the Army tighthead, not to be outdone, took the AFA loosehead to the ground, collapsing the scrum. So I blew the whistle, called just the 2 props over, congratulated each of them for being a manly man, and told them to concentrate from now on upon pushing forward, not up or down, or we’d have a problem and they would not like my solution; they behaved thereafter. As the notes in the Portal state, late in the game AFA was down 16-13, but I penalized Army for going over the ball at a tackle several yards from their goal line on the south end of the pitch. Everybody at the ground figured AFA would kick a penalty goal to tie it, but they, or maybe Coach Vern Francis, had a different idea. A couple of times earlier in the match AFA had run a play off a PK, where they tapped the ball and took it into a maul; at that maul they ran a couple of backs in a crisscross pattern off the back of the maul, passing the ball to one or the other of the on-rushing backs, forcing the defending Army backs to focus on and tackle both these attacking back. This time, instead of taking the penalty goal, AFA again did a tap and go, leading to a maul close to the Army goal line. Again the 2 AFA backs came rushing up in a crisscross pattern, again forcing the Army backs to mark them. Except that this time the AFA forwards did not pass the ball to the on-rushing backs, but faked the pass and drove forward again against the Army pack which was watching the AFA backs; AFA got the ball over the goal line and downed it for the try, to the great glee of the players and sidelines. The kick was missed, but by virtue of the 4 point try AFA led 17-16 with only a few minutes left. But that was not the end of it. A minute or two later, on the west touch line Army, playing to the north, kicked the ball up-field, and some foolish Zoomie hit him late. So I called a late hit/obstruction, and as required by the Laws offered Army the choice of a PK at the spot of the hit or where the ball landed. Of course and as usual, they chose to take the kick up-field, as it was closer to the Zoomie goal line and posts. And from there Army attempted to kick the 3 point goal which would have put them back in front. But the kick, which was still a long one, went wide left, and then the game was over. AFA of course went on to win the National Championship the next day, refereed by Don Morrison.

Addendum to the above story is that several of the players on the Army team were also on the Combined Services Junior squad coached by Vern Francis. Knowing this, at half time Vern told his boys that the usual call at the penalty would be made, but they would not do the usual, but fake it and drive over the goal. After the match the Army guys came up and with a smile to the coach said they had read the call correctly, but did not realize the play had been changed. Vern the coach...

Starting A-Side for the 1989 National Championship team:

1 Jim Snyder '89

2 Mike Junk '90

3 Kevin Oleen '89

4 Jay Owen '90

5 Dan Drummond '89

6 Art Wunder '89

7 Ted Schiller '89

8 Brent Vanderpol '89 (C)

9 Floyd Finley '89 (C)

10 Ron Buckley '89

12 Doug Nikolai '89 (replaced by Wood)

13 Tim Bohman '90

14 Skip Rodgers '90

Wings: Dave Metz '89, Bill Jacobus '90, Eric Fester '89

Tim Jozwiak '89 was an excellent flanker who played a lot, Donny Wood '90 played a lot at both inside and outside center, and Eric Fester '89 played a lot on the wing (may have started this game)