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There was not an official "National Collegiate Tournament" this season, as the national governing body was only just beginning. However, the Collegiate Tournament in Laramie was an "Open invitation" (as our coach Alan put it) and was the first time that a nationwide open invitation went out in an attempt to invite any college who wanted to participate. The idea being that this would be the start of a potential national collegiate championship tournament. We won the tournament and there is a trophy around somewhere.

(ED note: over the years, this has probably benn embellished into what we called a national championship because it was a national open invitational tournament. However, it was never formally recognized by the national governing body as a true national championship]

Team Record

A Side Record
Date Opponent Score Notes
3 Mar CSU <score>
10 Mar Royal Roads 7-14 PK and Try Jones Rugby RR write up
13 Mar U N Dakota <score>
17 Mar CU <score>
7 Apr Santa Fe <score> At Santa Fe
8 Apr Albuqueque <score> At Santa Fe
14 Apr Barbos <score>
21-22 Apr Collegiate Invitational Tournament at Laramie Won questionable tie complements of Wyoming and ref scoring error; Billed as first USA National Tournement
29 Apr Highlanders <score>
6 May Ft Collins <score>
Season Record xx-yy
B Side Record
Date Opponent Score Notes
3 Mar CSU B <score>
10 Mar Harlequins B <score>
13 Mar U N Dakota B <score>
17 Mar 7 Apr DU <score>
14 Apr Barbos <score>
21-22 Apr Collegiate Tournament <score> Won Consolation Bracket
29 Apr Denver Highlanders <score>
6 May Colorado Springs <score>
Season Record xx-yy
C Side Record
Date Opponent Score Notes
3 Mar CSU C <score>
10 Mar Harlequins C <score>
17 Mar CU C <score>
7 Apr Black Hills vs C team <score>
14 Apr Barbos <score>
21-22 Apr Tournament <score>
6 May Barbos <score>
Season Record xx-yy

Last Name First Name Class
Schoon Neil 79
Ploederer Mark 81
Motz Joe 80
Jones Tom 80
Frappier Paul 80
Miller Steve 80
Boyd William 79
Skarstedt Vance 79
Eyre Tru 79
Golden John 79
Meyer Randy 79
Dodson Jeff 80
Cartney Mike 81
Roling Mark 81
Foertasch Thomas 79
Haendschke Ernie 79
Lane Mark 79
Morris Thomas 79
Nelson James 79
Nemeth Gregory 79
Schulz Frederick 79
Shillington Thomas 79
Brown M 80
Beason <firstName> 80
Bess Ricky 80
Brown Bradley 80
Carlson Walter 80
Decou Stephen 80
Goc Zenon 80
Hudson Robert 80
Jee Thomas 80
Jeter George 80
King Charles 80
McNabb Richard 80
Nagie Kevin 80
Origel Ftederick 80
Richard Jeffrey 80
Sirote Jerome 80
Smith Arthur F 80
Soto Scott 80
Tovani Jonathan 80
Traster Richard 80
Orr J 80
Couch Thomas 81
Judge Steven 81
Lamont Jeffrey 81
Opp Daniel 81
Prokopowicz Dennis 81
Robbins Thomas 81
Roling Mark 81
Yates Robert 81
Stark Clarence B 81
Pauza Tim 81
Cushing Robert 82
Taiclet James 82
Taschuk David 82
Edmonds David K. - Bob 79

Post Season Experience/Records

Post Season Selections

Post Graduation Involvement

As a Player

Selected to Representative Teams

John Golden - 1981 Southern Arizona Selects

Starting Other Teams:

Randy Meyer - Ogden 1984

As a Referee

As a Coach

Randy Meyer - Coach Holloman AFB (82), Hill AFB (83-85)



Head Coach - Al Osur

Assistant Coach - Dan Penny

Assistant Coach - Vern Francis

Assistant Coach - Phil Manners

Assistant Coach - Major Harvey Schiller

Assistant Coach - Charles P. (Todd) Chirko '71

OIC - Alan Osur

CIC - Randy Meyer

Assit CICs - Dodson, Frappier, Cartney


C1C Tru Eyre

C1C John Golden


Returning from Royal Roads, Back: Randy Meyer, Vance Robert Skarstedt, Brad Brown, Dave Jeter, Tom Jee, Mark Roling, Steve Miller, Thomas Patrick Shillington, Jeff Lamont, ???, Kevin Nagie, Fred Origel; Front: Joe Motz, Fred Schulz, Tom Jones, John Golden, Tru Eyre, Art Smith

More pictures on the 1979 Spring Men page

Memorable Events

1979 ERRFU Collegiate Champions

Beat Navy 18-10 beat army 10-6 beat Royal Roads 19-

Misc. Rando Meyer getting truck stuck in the mud at the Alumni match and again in the snow, on a short cut to Vern's house, "Quarter races", picnic tables at Lawrence Paul biting the dust, Tru and Gerdeman's van in New Mexico.... Team Comedian Award to Shillington!

Who jumped out of the second floor at Royal Roads?? Or Who went the wrong way up an interstate ramp?