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The Cal-Berkley trip was strange....We played them in an actual match the morning before the football game and the match lasted until they scored a final converted try to win (longest game I've ever been in!). We then played them at halftime on the football field for the amusement of the paying customers.

Team Record

A Side Record
Date Opponent Score Notes
<date> Crackers 30-6
<date> Aspen 12-7
<date> Northern 4-11
17 Sep Berkeley 16-20 played at halftime of UCB AFA Football game; scores by Hefferly, Hagedorn and Baier
24 Sep Des Moines 4-7 Aspen Tournament try by Winiger (injured for rest of season)
24 Sep Newport Beach 6-10 Aspen Tournament try by Hefferly
25 Sep British Columbia 23-0 Aspen Tournament tries by Meinhold, Nevius, Hanby, Hagedorn with McNeely adding 4 conversions and Catlin a dropped goal
1 Oct Queen City 26-12
<date> Navy 14-21 First Tri Service Rugby Tournament
<date> Army 3-19 First Tri Service Rugby Tournament

B Side Record
Date Opponent Score Notes
17 Sep Crackers 12-16 4 PKs by Winiger; game played by rest of A side who did not go to Berkeley
17 Sep Crackers B 14-10 True B side match with scores by A. Smith, Skarstedt, S Miller and conversion by Schoon
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Season Record xx-yy
Last Name First Name Class
Beeson Travis 80
Brown Michael 80
Dodson Jeff 80
Frappier Paul 80
Jee Thomas 80
Jeter George 80
Jones Noel 80
King Charles 80
Miller William 80
Motz Joe 80
Nagie Kevin 80
Origel Fred 80
Orr John 80
Smith Arthur 80
Cartney Michael 81
Pauza Tim 81
Ploederer Mark 81
Lamont Jeffrey 81
Luetjen Douglas 80
Baier Ken 78
Wilkinson Keith 78
Eyre Tru 79
Hagedorn Doug 78
Morelli Paul 78
Meinhold Paul 78
Silvestri Bill 78
Creed Brad 78
Winiger Dave 78
Lowe Lon 78
Nevius Bill 78
Schow K C 78
Hefferly Mark 78
Dockendorf Randy 78
Kennedy Greg 78
Friedman Ned 78
Dalby Steve 78
Schoon Neil 79
Boyd William 79
Skarstedt Vance 79
Churchill Winston 78
Dallago Dave 78
Catlin Mike 78
Ellingson Blake 78
Greenwood Chuck 78
Meyer Randy 79
Golden John 79
Edmonds David K. - Bob 79

Post Season Experience/Records

Portal:1977 Fall Men/Post Season



Head Coach - Alan Osur

Assistant Coach - Vern Francis

Assistant Coach - Phil Manners

Assistant Coach - Charles P. (Todd) Chirko '71




C1C Keith Wilkinson

C1C Dave Wininger


After Playing Berkeley; Standing: Todd Chirko, Alan Osur, Greg Kennedy, Steve Dalby, Keith Wilkinson, Brad Creed, Randy Dockendorf, Fraiser (medic); Leaning in: Ken Baier, Bill Nevius, Mark Hefferly, Ole Olson, Lon Lowe, Front: Paul Morelli, Tru Eyre, Doug Hagedorn, Major ?

More pictures on the 1977 Fall Men page

Memorable Events

In the Ruggerfest, Doug Hagedorn ran through the back of the try zone, negating the try that most certainly would have changed the loss to a win. (Later in the spring at the college tournament, certainly remembering this, he touched down at the 5 meter line, much to the glee of the awaiting defenders on the goal line!)

At the same Ruggerfest Al Osur was rewarded for playing with the Barbos against USAFA by being thrown into a mud puddle.

At Berkeley, the team stayed in Frat houses and the coaches crowded into a Holiday Inn. On the bus to the plane, Coach Osur complimented the team on their behavior as only one person was obnoxiously drunk and he(Osur) promised not to do it again!