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1976 Spring Men Portal

Led by Sqdn Ldr Gordon Alderson and Major Al Osur, the A side had an undefeated regular season culminating in the winning of the Olympia Cup. The B side, coached by Captain Ren Crowell and Flight Lt Roger Longstaff and the C side (the "Side of the Hill Gang") all contributed to a combined record of 20-4 and a season point total of 509 to 48 for the opponents.

Team Record

A Side Record
Date Opponent Score Notes
8 May UNC 7-0 First Round Oly Cup
8 May Boulder 15-3 Second Round Oly Cup
9 May Harlequins 35-15 Olympia Cup Championship Match
<date> VMI won
<date> <opponent> <score>
<date> Colorado All Star Touring Side 7-9 a warmup match before CATS went to France
Season Record 8-0

B Side Record
Date Opponent Score Notes
8 May Gunnison 4-0 first round Oly Cup B
8 May Lamar 16-3 second round Oly Cup B
9 May Highlander OB 4-9 Oly cup B side tournament semi final
<date> <opponent> <score>
<date> <opponent> <score>
<date> <opponent> <score>
<date> Colorado All Stars 3-10 C side
8 May Barbos B Won C side Stuart Cup first Round - Double Overtime
8 May Highlander B lost C side Stuart Cup second Round
Season Record xx-yy
Last Name First Name Class
Fry Doug 76
Williams Terry 76
Carter Jimmy 76
Reza Sal 76
Laney Russ 76
McGee Bobby <class>
Thomas Eddie 77
Kennedy Greg 78
Jensen Chuck 76
Wilkinson Keith 78
Carlson Rich 76
Rosanbalm Mike 76
Bruggemeyer Mark 78
Stewart Doug 76
Alexander Jim 77
Herd John 77
Habber Jeff <class>
Bonani Pete 77
Murphy Bob 77
Fauver Mark 76
Dollahite Tom 77
Rose Jim 76
Jones C J 77
Stepko Kevin 76
Boyd William 79
Sikes Roy 77
Loerrakker Steven 76
Bradley Ken 76
Reiwertz Steve 76
Jarka Dan 77
Bulmer Joe 77
Churchill Winston 78
Casey Ray 76

Post Season Experience/Records

Post Season Selections

Terry Williams, Sal Reza and Jim Carter selected for Colorado All Stars to play in Kansas City (only Carter went)

Post Graduation Involvement

As a Player

Rich Carlson - Old Pueblo (AZ), Northern Arizona, Pelicans (FL), Tempe Old Devils

Bob Corrier - Davis Monthan AFB RFC

John Covington - Davis Monthan RFC

Jim Dolan - Davis Monthan RFC

Mike Duclos - Davis Monthan RFC

Pat Flannigan - Old Pueblo RFC, Davis Monthan RFC

Doug Fry - Old Pueblo RFC, Davis Monthan RFC, Bree RFC (Belgium), Dayton RFC, GOATS (Greater Omaha athletics Touring Side)

Hank Knellinger - Old Pueblo RFC, Davis Monthan RFC

Russ Laney - Old Pueblo RFC, Davis Monthan RFC

Steve Loerakker - Davis Monthan RFC

Steve Schuffler - Davis Monthan RFC

Terry Williams - Old Pueblo RFC, Davis Monthan RFC

Selected to Representative Teams as a Grad

Terry Williams - 81 Combined Services

Russ Laney - 81 Combined Services

Rich Carlson - Northern Arizona Selects (86), Arizona Rugby Union Select Side 1978-80, 1982-84 Florida Rugby Union Select Side, 1983 Arizona Old Cats Aus-NZ tour, Pelicans Invitational XV (v. Gloucester in Tampa)

Starting Other Teams:

Doug Fry - Davis Monthan AFB RFC (80)

Terry Williams - Davis Monthan AFB RFC (80)

Hank Knellinger - Davis Monthan AFB RFC (80)

Bob Corrier - Davis Monthan AFB RFC (80)

As a Referee

As a Coach

Rich Carlson - Northern Arizona University (80-81 and 85-88), Old Pueblo Lions (89),

Doug Fry - Davis Monthan AFB RFC, Bree RFC (Belgium)

Terry Williams - Davis Monthan AFB RFC



Head Coach - Squadron Leader Gordon Alderson

Assistant Coach - Flight Lt Roger Longstaff

B Side Coach - Ben Crowell '65

OIC - Capt Harry Bennett (VMI)

CIC - Maj MacIssac


C1C Jimmy Carter

C1C Rich Calson

C1C Steve Riewertz

C1C Steve Loerrakker


Olympia Cup

More Pictures 1976 Spring Men

Picture (not shown) in Falcon News, May 14, 1976

Front: McGee, Thomas, Kennedy, Jensen, Wilkinson, Carter, Carlson, Williams, Rosanbalm, Bruggemeyer Second: Sqdn Ldr Alderson, Fry, Steward, Alexander, Herd, Habbe, Bonnani, Rose, Murphy, Coach Osur Not pictured: Reza, Fauve, Dollahite

Memorable Events

First year to field three sides in the Fall

Total points 509 - 48 with the highest scoring match of 83 points

Terry Williams, Sal Reza and Jimmy Carter selected to try out for the Colorado All Star (CATS) team that played in Kansas City; Jimmy Carter selected as reserve scrum half and made the trip to Kansas City

Harry Bennett (OIC) was from VMI, and set up matches in Fall and Spring for this season

At the 40 year reunion, Coach Alderson commented on the season