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Squadron Leader Stables was extremely helpful in instructing us in the finer finesse parts of the game, that really worked to the detriment of the Cranwell teams we played. Always thankful to the British transfer officers that gave their time to improve our play.

Team Record

A Side Record
Date Opponent Score Notes
4 Mar Grizzlies 37-3 at CC
18 Mar Highlanders 20-9 at AFA
27 March Cranwell 24-11 Spring Break to UK
14 April Navy 10-12 All Service Tournament at Annapolis
15 April Army 27-6 All Service Tournament (might have been 37-6)
21 April Barbarians 27-0 at CSU
22 April Notre Dame 25-10 at CSU
28 April Alumni  ?-6 Won
5 May UNC 33-6 at Greeley Rnd 1 of Blue Ribbon Cup
12 May Harlequins 30-0 Rnd 2 of Blue Ribbon Cup
13 May Grizzlies 20-0 Rnd 3 of Blue Ribbon Cup
13 May Queen City 24-3 Blue Ribbon Cup Championship
Season Record 11-1
B Side Record
Date Opponent Score Notes
4 Mar CC lost
18 Mar Highlanders B lost
7 Apr New Mexico won at New Mexico
8 Apr Santa Fe snowed out at New Mexico (went straight to the party)
14 Apr DU tie at DU
21 Apr UNC won at Greeley
22 Apr CSU won at Ft Collins
29 Apr Harlequins lost at AFA
Season Record 4-3-1
Last Name First Name Class
Barry Bruce 74
Volodzko Donstantin 73
Russell Bobby 74
Hayes Tim 73
Yaniglos Jim 73
Priddy Warren 74
Scheussler Tom 73
Meeker Jim 74
Silver Jim 73
Read Gary 74
Segulaja Tom 74
Diffley Bill 73
Geers Terry 73
Arnold Bobby 74
Merideth Denny 73
Walker Ron 74
Collazo (LaSaxon) Vic 74
Weiss Tom 74
Finnegan Bob 74
Murphy Bill 74
Appelhanz Louie 74
Grandcolas Jimmy 74
Anderson Andy 74
Maquet Mike 74
Deloney Mike 75
Olin Jerry 73
Bednarz Gene 74

Post Season Experience/Records

Post Season Selections

Post Graduation Involvement

As a Player

Selected to Representative Teams

Starting Other Teams:

Denny Merideth - Holloman AFB 1981

As a Referee

As a Coach

Denny Merideth - US Air Force, Combined Services (86, 88, 92, 94, 98), Philippine national team, Dutch national team, Air Force Academy (2013-)



Head Coach - Tex Byrd

Assistant Coach - Rick Kamm

Assistant Coach - Bruce Allcorn, RAF

Assistant Coach - Brian Reynolds, RAF

Assistant Coach - John Pollard, BA

OIC - Col Mandy Baird


C1C Tim Hayes for A team

C2C Andy Anderson and C3C Mike Maquet for B team

Team Photos

1973 Spring A Team Champions. Front row - Walker, Murphy, Russell, Silver, Read, Arnold. Middle row - Weiss, Barry, Diffley, Schussler,Hayes. Back Row - Coach Byrd, Volodzko, Geers, Merideth, Seglja, Priddy, Yaniglos, Applehans, Meeker, Dan Ellis (trainer), Major X (trainer), Major y
1973 Spring A Team Championship Trophy Presentation. Col. Baird (OIC), C1C Tim Hayes (A team captain), BG Walter Galligan (Commandant), C2C Andy Anderson (B team Captain), Coach Tex Byrd

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Other Media

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Memorable Events

Spring Break Trip to UK (Barry, Russell, Volodzko, Hayes, Yaniglos, Priddy, Scheussler, Meeker, Silver, Read, Murphy, Segulaja, Diffley, Geers, Arnold, Merideth, Walker, Callazo, Weiss, Finnegan); flew over in a C-130 and beat Cranwell! I do remember having the C-130 break down with Engine problems in Greenland and then having a great time in England playing and partying at the formal Dining OUT with more than we could drink… Almost.

The Easter weekend tournament was in Fort Collins and without any coaches; leadership provided by the captains. Tex couldn't go since he'd been away from the family so much that spring. The Captains told him not to worry, that they'd take care of it. We were itching to go because it was an invitational four team tournament - us, CSU (the host), the Denver Barbos and Notre Dame. Of course, CSU set it up so they played Notre Dame on Saturday and we got to play the Barbos. We beat them and then had to take on Notre Dame on Sunday. Problem was we were scattered across northern Colorado for sleeping arrangements - mostly in girlfriend's dorm rooms, etc. 15 minutes before the game against Notre Dame on Sunday morning, Notre Dame warmed up with 20 players and we could only count 12 on our side. But, somehow we had 15 when the whistle blew and went on to beat Notre Dame, win the tourney and bring home a large trophy. I remember the big smile on Tex' face when we showed it to him.

Participated in the first All Academy competition "I remember the 1973 Navy match very well: We played at Annapolis on their athletic fields by the bay. We had a great team (We beat Cranwell over in England, Notre Dame, Texas A & M, and won the Olympia Cup, Coors Cup and the Aspen Ruggerfest that year - fall 1972 and spring 1973.) We had a perfect fall and spring season winning all our games - except Navy! During the game I remember thinking we would beat Navy for sure, but they just kept hanging in there! We lost at the end when our kicker missed the penalty kick by about a foot - he had a broken leg and would not tell anyone because he wanted to play and win so badly! We truly had a great team but were not even mentioned in Polaris, the 1973 yearbook, because the Commandant, B G Hoyt S. Vandenburg, Jr, took our pictures out - we didn't look military enough - mud, blood and beer did not appeal to him I guess! If anyone has a picture of that team I would love to have a copy! Great memories!" Ret. LTC Jim Silver