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1972 Spring Men Portal

The A team lost the Pabst Cup in triple OT, sudden death in the championship match.

The B side won its division in the Pabst Cup

Team Record

A Side Record
Date Opponent Score Notes
3 Mar Boulder 9-4 at Boulder Try by Yaniglos, conversion by Stanberry and PK by Arnold
12 Mar Grizzlies 33-0 at AFA tries by Rice, Priddy (2), Benson, Grayson (2), Stanberry and one conversion and one PK by Grayson
19 Mar Barbarians 13-0 at AFA penalty kick and one conversion by Grayson, and tries by Grayson and Yaniglos
6 Apr Cranwell 20-6 at AFA tries by Priddy (2), Yaniglos, Arnold and Russell
22 Apr New Mexico A 10-8 at New Mexico tries by Grancolas, DeTomo and conversion by Read
23 Apr Colorado College 23-12 at CC Tries by Grayson, Bentson, Yaniglos (2) and 2 conversion and PK by Grayson
29 Apr Alumni 24-7 at AFA tries by Priddy (3), Bentson and Arnold, 2 conversions by Stanberry (alumni try by Dyer 69)
6 May Denver Transit Co (Barbos) 24-4 Blue Ribbon Cup rd 1 tries by Priddy (2), Yaniglos, Milroy, Hayes and 2 conversions by Grayson
7 May Queen City 16-9 Blue Ribbon Cup rd 2 tries by Yaniglos (others not known)
13 May Barbarians A 23-7 Blue Ribbon Cup semis
14 May Highlanders 0-4 Blue Ribbon Cup Final, triple overtime, sudden death
Season Record 8-1
B Side Record
Date Opponent Score Notes
3 Mar CU B 9-0 at Boulder try by Segulja and PK and conversion by Widmer
12 Mar CC B 23-3 at AFA Tries by Segulja, Grandcolas, Matlock, 2 PKs and one conversion by Read, PK and conversion by Harlan
18 Mar New Mexico 7-8 at AFA PK by Harlan and try by Milroy
9 Apr Highlander B 4-13 at AFA
16 Apr UNC 20-15 at AFA Tries by Diffley, Lunsford, Volodzko, and 2 PKs and a conversion by Read
22 Apr New Mexico B 28-0 at New Mexico tries by Volodzko (2), Deloney, Walker, DeTomo and a conversion by Deloney
30 Apr Mines 16-26 at Greeley Tries by Meeker, Geers, Segulja, 2 conversion by Read
13 May CU B 11-7 Harris (B side) Cup Semis try by Read (2) and PK by Deloney won in OT
14 May Highlanders B 32-0 Harris (B side) Cup Finals tries by Grandcolas (2), Read, May, Anderson, Deloney, PK (2) and a conversion by Harlan
Season Record 7-3
Last Name First Name Class
Priddy Warren 74
Arnold Bobby 74
Yaniglos Jim 73
Russell Bob 74
Bentson Kirk 72
Chamberlin Kurt 72
Cottingham William 72
Harlan James 72
Rice Robert 72
Stanberry Carl 72
Thomas David 72
Woessner James 72
Diffley William 73
Geers Terry 73
Grayson Thomas 73
Hayes Tim 73
Kuyk Charles 73
Olin Jerome 73
Schuessler Thomas 73
Volodzko Donstantin 73
Anderson Lloyd 74
DeTomo Roco 74
Dooley Paul 74
Grandcolas James 74
Lunsford Stephen 74
Maquet Michael 74
Matlock Jimmie 74
Meeker James 74
Milroy Andrew 74
Read Gary 74
Rosenberg Nate 74
Stafford Robert 74
Segulja Thomas 74
Widmer Robert 74
Deloney John 75
Hausladen Frank 75
Hente Scott 75
May Joseph 75
Sheriff John 75
Terry Sanford 75
Townsend Ian 75
Deloney Mike 75

Post Season Experience/Records

As a Player

Gary Grenier - Detroit Old Guys Select (DOGS)

Selected to Representative Teams

Starting Other Teams:

As a Referee

As a Coach



Head Coach - Al Osur

Assistant Coach - Tex Byrd

Assistant Coach - Brian Reynolds, RAF

Assistant Coach - Tony Mason, RAF

Assistant Coach - John Pollard, BA

OIC - Phil Manners

Trainer - Sgt Joseph Rosencrance

CIC - Carl Stanberry


C1C Bob Rice

C3C Bob Arnold


1972 spring Priddy.jpg

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Memorable Events

Colonel Pollard was stationed at Fort Carson. Wing Commander Mason brought him up to ref and then he took on coaching duties. He was a lot of fun at the parties (!)

First Alumni match played in April 1972 (team vs 11 grads plus Al Osur) Won 27-7 against the alumni

From Jim Russell regarding the Cranwell match: It was on a weekday afternoon, Wednesday I think. It turns out that the Cranwell kids had flown over the day before, and of course had jet lag-they may have had to use an RAF transport plane, never very comfortable. Anyway, in the late morning of the day of the match, Capt. Al took the Cranwell players to lunch…at Shakeys, a rot-gut pizza joint, and filled them with 3.2 beer and Shakeys pizza. Several hours later, the Cranwell team rolled out onto the pitch somewhat the worse for wear from the trip and Al’s lunch. Shortly after the second half kickoff, we were going to have a line out when I happened to look at one of the Cranwell second row player, who suddenly, literally, turned green. I back up and this kid blew lunch, Shakeys pizza and beer, all over the place. They helped him off, and the rest of Cranwell, who were not in good shape anyway, folded, leading to an easy win for the Zoomies.