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The ONLY collegiate team to ever win the prestigious Aspen Ruggerfest Tournament.

It’s been years since I’ve looked at a picture with Sqdn Ldrs Stables and Reynolds – two great individuals. I always said that, especially for someone like me who had never played rugby until the Academy, it was extremely beneficial to learn the sport from gentlemen who had grown up with it and played it most of their lives. They knew the history, traditions, and values that rugby entailed and it was always a pleasure to learn about the game from them. . Scott Hente

Team Record

A Side Record
Date Opponent Score Notes
17 Sep Barbos A lost at Observatory Park
1 Oct Grizzlies 51-3 at CC
7 Oct CU at Aspen Ruggerfest <score> Click here for 1972 Aspen Slides
7 Oct KU at Aspen Ruggerfest won
7 Oct Laramie at Aspen Ruggerfest won
8 Oct A&M at Aspen Ruggerfest won
8 Oct Barbos at Aspen Ruggerfest Finals 12-8 CHAMPIONSHIP
13 Oct Queen City A lost at AFA
22 Oct CSU A 26-6 at AFA
28 Oct New Mexico won at AFA
29 Oct Santa Fe won at AFA
5 Nov Highlanders A <score>
18-19 Nov Coors Cup <score> Lost to Barbos by one point in semis (see memorable memories)
Season Record xx-yy
B Side Record
Date Opponent Score Notes
17 Sep Barbos B 21-10 at Observatory Park
1 Oct CC A 15-18 at CC
13 Oct Queen City B won at AFA
22 Oct CSU B lost at AFA
5 Nov Highlanders C <score>
Season Record xx-yy
Last Name First Name Class
Barry Bruce 74
Volodzko Donstantin 73
Russell Bobby 74
Hayes Tim 73
Yaniglos Jim 73
Priddy Warren 74
Scheussler Tom 73
Meeker Jim 74
Silver Jim 73
Read Gary 74
Segulaja Tom 74
Diffley Bill 73
Geers Terry 73
Arnold Bobby 74
Merideth Denny 73
Walker Ron 74
Collazo (LaSaxon) Vic 74
Weiss Tom 74
Finnegan Bob 74
Murphy Bill 74
Appelhanz Louie 74
Grandcolas Jimmy 74
Anderson Andy 74
Maquet Mike 74
Deloney Mike 75
Rosenberg Nate 74
Lisenby Slack 73
Olin Jerry 73
Dooley Paul 74

Post Season Experience/Records

Portal:1972 Fall Men/Post Season



Head Coach - Tex Byrd

Assistant Coach - Rick Kamm

Assistant Coach - Bruce Alcorn, RAF

Assistant Coach - David Stables, RAF

Assistant Coach - Brian Reynolds, RAF

Assistant Coach - John Pollard, BA

OIC - Col. Mandy Baird

CIC - C2C Bobby Arnold


C1C Tim Hayes


1972 Fall A Team Aspen Champions. Front row - Diffly, Barry, Schuessler, Russell, Read, Arnold, Appelhanz. Kneeling - Volodzko, Silver, Yaniglos, Hayes, Lunsford, Dooley, Meredith, Meeker. Standing - Sqdn Leader Stables (Asst Coach), Ssgt Ellison (trainer), Rowan, Geers, Segulja, Priddy, Col Baird (OIC), Coach Byrd

Click here for more 1972 Fall Men pictures

Memorable Events

Everyone got trophies when we won the Aspen Tournament ! .... and we think Collazo (now name of LaSaxon) still has the trophy

Coors Cup: (as told by Jim Russell) Barbos beat AFA at DU in the semi-final on Sat, on an icy field, by one point in a hell of a game, refereed by John Pollard. There were 2 controversial ref calls in that match, one where Pollard, who was a very good ref, called an AFA penalty goal good when all of us thought it missed, and he then disallowed a try by Yanigloss; after the match I asked Jim if he had scored the try, he said, “Yes”, and I agreed with him. If those 2 calls have been the other way it would have been a tie, and who knows what would have happened. Anyway, the Barbos barely beat the Academy, and went on the next day to beat Highlanders B.