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1971 Fall Men Portal

Having retired the Coors Cup by winning in three consecutive years, the team were now vying for the Pabst Blue Ribbon Cup. A great fall season earned them a bye in the first round, then outclassing the Barbarians to push through to the final rounds.

Team Record

A Side Record
Date Opponent Score Notes
26 Sep Boulder 22-0 at AFA tries by Priddy (2), Woessner, Yaniglos, Kuyk and one conversion by Stanberry
1 Oct Highlanders 0-4 at Aspen Tournament in mud and snow
1 Oct Barbos won T by Arnold, Stanberry, Rosenberg, Meeker; C-Arnold
2 Oct Pasadena 20-0 at Aspen Tournament tries by Kuyk (4), Stanberry and one conversion by Stanberry
17 Oct Highlanders B 33-0 at Highlanders
24 Oct Grizzlies 42-0 at AFA tries by Hayes (2), Bentson, Kuyk, Grayson, Chamberlain, Yaniglos and Priddy
31 Oct Barbarians A 13-3 at Obs Park
6 Nov Victoria University 7-22 Royal Roads Trip
14 Nov Barbarians 20-9 Pabst Blue Ribbon (fmrly Coors Cup) preliminary. Tries by Priddy, Yanigloss, Milroy and Hayes. Grayson 2 conversions
20 Nov Queen City 0-4 Pabst Blue Ribbon Cup Semi
B Side Record
Date Opponent Score Notes
10 Oct Colorado College 14-9 at CC
17 Oct CSU B 16-4 at Obs Park
24 Oct Highlanders C 3-7 at City Park
31 Oct Barbarians B 23-3 at Obs Park
6 Nov Royal Roads 10-12 Royal Roads Trip
14 Nov Highlanders C 18-0 Pabst Blue Ribbon Cup
14 Nov CSU B 4-9 Pabst Blue Ribbon Cup Final Try by Maquet
Season Record 4-3

Roster (FROM SPRING 72 Roster)
Last Name First Name Class
Priddy Warren 74
Arnold Bobby 74
Yaniglos Jim 73
Russell Bob 74
Bentson Kirk 72
Chamberlin Kurt 72
Cottingham William 72
Harlan James 72
Rice Robert 72
Stanberry Carl 72
Thomas David 72
Woessner James 72
Diffley William 73
Geers Terry 73
Grayson Thomas 73
Hayes Tim 73
Kuyk Charles 73
Olin Jerome 73
Schuessler Thomas 73
Volodzko Donstantin 73
Anderson Lloyd 74
DeTomo Roco 74
Dooley Paul 74
Grandcolas James 74
Lunsford Stephen 74
Maquet Michael 74
Matlock Jimmie 74
Meeker James 74
Milroy Andrew 74
Read Gary 74
Rosenberg Nate 74
Stafford Robert 74
Segulja Thomas 74
Widmer Robert 74
Deloney John 75
Hausladen Frank 75
Hente Scott 75
May Joseph 75
Sheriff John 75
Terry Sanford 75
Townsend Ian 75

Post Season Experience/Records

Portal:1971 Fall Men/Post Season



Head Coach - Al Osur

Assistant Coach - Tex Byrd

Assistant Coach - Tony Mason, RAF

Assistant Coach - John Pollard

OIC - Col Phil Manners

Trainer - Sgt Joe Rosencrance

CIC - Bob Arnold

President - Carl Stanberry


C1C Bob Rice


Portal:1971 Fall Men/Media

Memorable Events

Renowned English Coach seen skinny dipping after first loss at Aspen?