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Given club status, but still allowing the members to compete in intramurals made for a very fit team. The first three scheduled games (BYU, Regis, American Eagles from Fitzsimmons) were snowed out, leaving no experience as spring break started. But the highlight of the spring season was that week-long tour to Utah that began in Denver and meandered through the ski slopes of Vail and Aspen before two mid-week matches with the University of Utah and BYU. Although losing to BYU, ranked 8th in the nation, beating Utah was reportedly the first time a Colorado team had ever beaten a Utah team. Alta ski basin was the next stop before the return to Denver and a Sunday match with Regis College. Coach Osur demonstrated his wild nature on the pitch easily transferred to the ski slopes.

We continued to sweep Colorado teams, capturing the ERRFU tournament with a victory over a men’s team, the Denver Highlanders, on a great break and score by Doug Metzler. Finishing the first ERRFU Seven’s by taking 1st, 2nd, and our third team tying for 3rd was the greatest way to christen this tournament, which went on to become the Denver Seven’s.

Low points in the season were a disappointing loss to Cal Berkeley (ranked 4th in the nation) on a wet and muddy field (although the trip was great!), and another loss to BYU in the Rocky Mountain Championship. Finished 23rd in the nation according to the (only) national communication, 1969 USA Rugby Log.

Team Record

A Side Record
Opponent Date Score Notes
BYU 14-17 at BYU. (rated 8th in nation) Tries by Zedaker and MacDonald, conversion by Dyer, who also kicked two PKs Click here for 69 BYU photos
Utah 19-5 at Utah. Tries by Coppinger, Olson, R Bennett and Fenwick, PK and two conversions by Dyer
Regis 28-0 at Regis. Tries by Laws, MacDonald, Skinner, Zedaker, Bloor, Miller and Johannes. Dropped goal and conversion by Laws
Cal Berkeley 5 Apr 6-32 at Cal. (rated 4th in the nation) Try by MacDonald and PK by McNear on a muddy field against an experienced and 40lb/person heavier team; See here for 69 Cal photos
CC 13 Apr 8-3 at CC. Tries by J Miller and Laws with a conversion by Metzler
Cranwell 16 Apr 14-0 at AFA. Tries by Forsythe, M Bennett, and a conversion and 2 PKs by Dyer
DU 19 Apr 16-3 at DU. Tries by Metzler and Beezley with 2 PKs and a conversion by Dyer
Mines 20 Apr 9-0 all points by Dyer on PKs
Highlanders 26 Apr 8-3 Coors' Cup Championship Game. Try by Metzler, conversion and PK by Dyer
Mine's / ERRFU Sevens (Later to be Called Denver Sevens) 1st, 2nd, and tied for 3rd places At Denver 1969 sevens report (championship decided by coin flip!)
BYU 3 May 6-19 at AFA. Rocky Mountain Club Championships. Tries by Beezley and M Bennett
CSC 15-10 at AFA. all 69er team with tries by Forsythe, Miller and Crittendon; conversions by Busching and Morehead; click here for 69er match photos
Fitzsimmons Eagles 14-3 at AFA. all underclassmen with tries by Marshall, Rajczak and Schmidt; one conversion by Stanberry and a PK by Marshall
Season Record 9-3
B Side Record
Opponent Score Notes
13 Apr CC B 6-3 at CC. Tries by Simmons and Doherty
5 Apr Berkely B 8-10 at Berkeley. Try by Osur, converted by Westmoreland and PK by Westmoreland
19 Apr DU B 16-0 at DU. Tries by Davis, Graber, Tibbetts, Osur and conversions by Stanberry (2)
3 May BYU B 23-14 Tries by Tibbetts (2), Drexler (2), and Porter with conversions by Stanberry (2) and Marshall
69 Roster
Last Name First Name Class
Beezley Michael 69
Bennett Robert 69
Bennett Milt (Merit) 69
Burns John J 69
Graeber Glenn 71
Chase Jim 69
Coppinger Roy 69
Crittenden Burr 69
Busching Kit 69
Morehead Wally 69
Rajczak William 71
Stanberry Carl 72
Dyer Les 69
Forsythe Hugh 69
Johannes William 69
Joyal George 69
Laws Harry 69
McNear Alan 69
Metzler Doug 69
Miller James E Jr 69
Pillari Tom 69
Raab H 69
Skinner Earnest 69
Fenwick Lindsay 71
Doherty TJ 69
Bewers Geoff 70
Connelly Steve 70
Haines R 70
Krasnicki Phil 70
MacDonald Angus J 70
Martin M 70
Olson O 70
Schmidt Gary 70
Westmoreland Thomas 70
Yakabowskas Carl J 70
Bloor Alan E 70
Passmore Stephan B 70
Marshall Robert A 70
Simmons Bill 70
Hooper Victor J 70
Tibbetts Dan 69
Porter Dave 71
Stienke Buck 71

Post Season Experience/Records

Post Season Selections

Burr Crittendon - ERRFU and Western

Gary Schmidt (70) - ERRFU and Western

Post Graduation Involvement

As a Player

Milt Bennett - Boston RFC, Colorado Springs (Captain), American University (Captain 76-83), Denver Barbarians (Captain, Outstanding back award 81, )

Terry Brady - Scott AFB

Roy Coppinger - Boston, Washington DC (?which team)

TJ Doherty - CCK (Taiwan), Little Rock AFB, Scott AFB

Les Dyer - Ft Worth

Harry Laws - Hawaii Harlequins, San Antonio, Rapid City, Frankfurt Americans, Okaloosa, Clark AB

Selected to Representative Teams

Burr Crittendon - ERRFU and Western (69)

Gary Schmidt (70) - ERRFU and Western

Milt Bennett - ERRFU (78, 79, 80), Western (78 and 80), New England (75) to include their touring side to UK and France in 75

Roy Coppinger -Potomac (77) New England (75 and 78) to include their touring side to UK and France in 75

Harry Laws - All Europe Military (81), Gulf Coast (83)

Starting Other Teams:

Terry Brady - Scott AFB

TJ Doherty - Scott AFB

Les Dyer - Ft Worth

Harry Laws - AFA Alumni, San Antonio, Rapid City, Orchard Park (NY) High School boys and girls, Middle school boys, Carmel (IN) High School Girls, Middle school boys and girls, elementary school.

As a Referee

Harry Laws - Colorado, Philippines, Japan, Washington DC, Indiana, Midwest, also as an evaluator, referee coach, and IRB Educator and Trainer of referees

As a Coach

Harry Laws - Carmel (IN) and Orchard Park (NY) High School boys, girls and Middle school boys and girls.



Head Coach - Al Osur

Assistant Coach - Mont Hubbard (USMA '64)

OIC - Alan Osur

CIC - C2C Angus MacDonald


C1C Les Dyer

C1C Roy Coppinger


Click for scores, roster and more -> File:1969 How it began.pdf

Click here for more 1969 Spring Men pictures

Memorable Events

Winning the Coors Cup and establishing a winning tradition

Gary Schmidt Played last May in the Colorado-Utah all star match

Rated #23 in the nation due to strong performances against BYU (#10) and Cal Berkeley (#3)

(From Dave Porter) As it is for many others, my experiences with rugby at the Academy became an integral part of my progressive development as a military officer. It was my good fortune to be assigned to Cadet Squadron 24 during my first two years at USAFA. I had played rugby in high school and relished the opportunity to play with our intramural team in the spring of my doolie year. Our 1968 Wing Championship Team provided the foundation of what was to become the Academy Rugby Club. The 24th Squadron culture was unique: it was as rebellious as it was rugged and defiantly individualistic. This fighter pilot spirit carried forward to the academy rugby club as well. This spirit was undoubtedly what made the club a favorite of BGen Olds much to the chagrin of other more traditional and conservative officers. An incident which illustrates this spirit well occurred during our participation in the 7s tournament sponsored by Coors in 1968. The Academy had entered two teams, and, at the end of the day, we were to play each other for the Coors Cup. As I recall, it was the battered & weary senior team that suggested that we have a “boat race” (with each member of the team chugging a tankard of beer sequentially while sitting in an imaginary canoe) rather than actually play the final game of 7s for the championship mugs. Predictably, it was “no contest” and the senior team took home the first place mugs. Fortunately the 2nd place mugs were just as serviceable…

The spring break would have no stories to tell were it not for the truck mounted camper holding the only beer at BYU.