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Starting the season with only 4 of the 15 starters from the previous seaon, Angus MacDonald, Gary Schmidt, Jeff Bewers and Lindsay Fenwick were leading 40 other cadets into the team's second year of competition. The preseaons went well defeating Aspen over Labor Day, 11-8 with Carl Stanberry scoring a team high of 8 points.

Team Record

A Side Record
Date Opponent Score Notes
<date> Aspen 11-8 Stanberry scored 8 points
<date> CC 14-3 tries by Baumann, Westmoreland, MacDonald, Sorensen and a conversion by Stanberry
<date> DU 15-3 tries by McDougall, Tibbetts and PKs by Stanberry, Westmoreland and Schmidt
9 Nov Grizzlies 3-0 PK by Schmidt
<date> Barbos 6-11 try by Graber and conversion by Schmidt
Season Record 4-1
B Side Record
Date Opponent Score Notes
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Season Record xx-yy
Last Name First Name Class
Stanberry Carl 72
Bauman Dave 71
MacDonald Angus 70
Schmidt Gary 70
Bewers Jeff 70
Fenwick Lindsay 70
Westmoreland Tom 70
Connelly Steve 70
MacDougall Dave 71
Graber Glen 71
Sutton John 70
Sorensen Norm 71
Tibbetts Gary 71
Porter Dave 71
Stienke Buck 71
Schultz Robert 71



Head Coach - Al Osur

Assistant Coach - Mont Hubbard (USMA '64)

Assistant Coach - Tony Mason, RAF

OIC - Phillip Manners, DDS

CIC - C3C Carl Stanberry


C1C Angus MacDonald

C1C Gary Schmidt


1970 yearbook club officers.jpg

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Memorable Events

Rated #23 in tne nation after a strong showing last spring against BYU (#10) and Cal Berkeley (#3)